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Wow another pay per view tonight, it seems like we just had one three weeks ago, oh wait we did, Summer Slam.  I remember when this pay per view was called Unforgiven, but now it’s called Breaking Point. And this show has quite a few submission matches. The worst part of predicting tonight’s show is that there a few matches that are so unpredictable that I haven’t a clue which guy to go with. I have a feeling that this is going to be one of my weakest showings in awhile. With that said I’m still excited about sharing my picks with you and I’m so happy to have received so many of your predictions and don’t forget keep them coming. I will do my best to answer each one before the show. Okay wish me luck because here they are.
C.M. Punk vs. Undertaker in a submissions match for the World Hvt. Championship

Why not start out with one of the toughest picks for me? I still don’t know which way I am going here. See a part of me says you have to go with Taker. It’s his first pay per view match since he left back in April. AH, but another part of me says, come on let Punk keep that title, he just got it back from Jeff Hardy and why take it from him after only 3 weeks? But wait, let’s not forget that this is a submission match, and Taker has never submitted to anyone in his entire WWE career. Sure that just adds to my confusion. Oh I am in a major dilemma here. Well before I tell you my final answer, let me just say I expect this one to end the show and if it doesn’t I will be very surprised. I look for this match to be quite the crowd pleaser and I’m very anxious to see how Punk and Taker work together. The man leaving with the World Hvt. Title will be…CM Punk. You got think that Vince will leave that title on him maybe until the next pay per view, which will be Hell In A Cell.

Winner: CM Punk

Randy Orton vs. John Cena in an “I Quit” match for the WWE Championship

Hey don’t think that this one is an easy either. I’m going with Cena for the win. See my thinking is this is a perfect match for the heel to cry out I QUIT. I mean if Cena did it would kind of erase that Super Cena that Vince gives us week after week. But if Orton quits I could see him doing it with reluctance, with anger, but at least doing it. So Cena becomes the new WWE champion and Randy Orton will demand a rematch and I do mean DEMAND one for the Hell In Cell pay per view. I did not like Cena/Orton at all at Summer Slam, so I have to believe that this one will definitely be an improvement.

Winner: John Cena
DX vs. Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase in a “submission count anywhere” match

DX wins! No wait Legacy wins! Okay next match. I’m only kidding here, Honestly I feel that DX is going to win, but I’m going with Legacy. Here’s why.  At the end of the main event on Monday’s Raw, DX ended things with Hunter putting the Sharp Shooter on Randy Orton, and Shawn hitting Masters with the Figure Four. See that makes me think since DX got to use both finishers we aren’t going to see an encore tonight with DX making Legacy submit. And I really would love to see Rhodes and DiBiase win one against DX. Can you imagine if Legacy won, and Orton lost how that story could unfold in weeks to come? DX can always get the upper hand at the Hell In A Cell pay per view. I loved these 4 at Summer Slam and I’m looking forward to another very good match tonight. By the way the real fun could come if DX wins. We all know how many of the Montreal fans feel about HBK. So let’s just say that he puts Rhodes or DiBiase in a Sharp Shooter can you imagine the reaction the fans will give him? Oh this could be a lot of fun, but I’m still sticking with Legacy.

Winner: Legacy

Christian vs. William Regal for the ECW Title

The only thing I want to know is if this will go more than 8 seconds. I would think it definitely will and I’m going with Regal for the win. I figure he has this new stable with Kozlov and Ezekiel and what’s the point in having them out there again if Regal doesn’t benefit from it. I see this match being a solid bout and even though it will go on for longer than 8 seconds I don’t expect it to last more than I would say 10 minutes. While I could see Tommy Dreamer trying to help Christian, I think Regal’s guys will come out ahead and help give their leader ECW Gold.

Winner: William Regal

Chris Jericho and Big Show vs. MVP and Mark Henry for the Unified Tag Titles

There is no doubt in my mind that I finally have one right. Jericho and Show will definitely win. There is no way in hell that MVP/Henry will leave with the titles. With Jericho and MVP in this one, the match should turn out okay. Hell even with Henry and Show this should be a very entertaining match. I hope it’s half as good as some of Jericho and Show’s matches against Cryme Tyme. If we get a match like any of those matches then we are in for a treat.

Winners: JeriShow
Kofi Kingston vs. The Miz for the United States Title

Here’s another match that I will get right, oh I will. The Miz will finally get his wish and become the new U.S. champion. This match was added at the last minute, I guess replacing the Morrison/Ziggler match. Now that was a match I wanted to see. But my friend, Nick Malone host of Over The Ropes had a very good point about why he thinks their match was scratched. He said that you couldn’t put that match on and keep the belt on Morrison, which then would make Ziggler a three-time loser going for this title. What credibility would Mr. Ziggles have then? And if Ziggler won, then Morrison winning over Rey and holding the title for a week was a joke. I totally agree with Nick on both points, so I can see why they might have scrapped that one. But this U.S. title match should be damn good and I’m looking forward to it. I think these two guys are evenly matched and I look forward to a very fast paced match.

Winner: The Miz

The Great Khali vs. Kane for in a Singapore cane match

Wasn’t their match at Summer Slam enough? Obviously not. I think I look more forward to the Singapore canes than I do watching these two in the ring. Okay to make it short but sweet, Khali wins. Well he should since Kane beat him three weeks ago.

Winner: Khali

Okay I just want to remind all of you that I got all but one right three weeks ago, so tonight when I get two right just remember that I owned Summer Slam. Seriously I will be back with my Raw and Breaking Point thoughts Tuesday or Wednesday, and very quickly let me tell you the rumor regarding Batista. The latest rumor is that Dave will announce that he’s moving to Smackdown. If it’s true that works for me. Also I’m really excited to see Trish hosting Raw it should be a good show.

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  • jason

    heres my picks to challenge linda with

    winners vs losers

    undertaker vs cm punk
    orton vs cena
    dx vs legacy
    christian vs regal
    jericho vs mvp
    bigshow mark henry
    kofi vs the miz
    khali vs kane

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