Linda’s Thoughts – You Got To Love Smackdown

Okay I missed a Raw column this week, but honestly I think I did you all a favor. If I had written one believe me it would have been anything but kind. That show was just miserable. In fact I think it rates right up there with the shows hosted by Jeremy Piven and ZZ Top. Those shows were brutal. So I didn’t put any effort into doing a Raw column, but I couldn’t wait to talk about Smackdown. While I didn’t think this Smackdown was as good as last week’s show it was still very good, and there were a few segments that really came off well, in fact they were outstanding.  Smackdown is still out doing Raw even when Raw comes off fairly well. This is the show where wrestling is the showcase and not guest hosts.

If you watched the show, I’m sure right off you know that the segment of the night was CM Punk dressed like Jeff Hardy. Dare I mention how hysterical it was to see some fans jump out of their seats thinking it was the real Hardy? In all fairness I could understand the enthusiasm from the young fans, but it was a riot watching that one woman and kid show so much anger on their face when they saw it was Punk. That alone made this a 5 star segment. But yes, CM the top heel not only on Smackdown but also in my opinion in the company gave one hell of a strong promo. This guy is so on a roll and each week he just proves that Vince did the right thing turning him heel and giving him that World title. I was just in love with this segment and the crowd reaction was excellent. This guy is so over not only in the ring but also with his excellent promos. While Punk did his usual insults aimed at the fans about drinking, smoking and taking pills, he also started up with the Undertaker. The guy looks like he’s already to face the Deadman, which I like a lot because I don’t want to see a Punk that shies away from Taker. Before this was all over Matt Hardy ran into the ring and went after Punk to try to even the score after Punk’s victory sent Jeff packing. This brawl ended a great segment. This is just one of the reasons why I just look so forward to watching Smackdown each week.

Okay so after the brawl Punk was complaining to Theodore Long about what Matt did. And Long decided to make a match between Hardy and Punk. CM was really cool with the match as soon as he found out that it wasn’t for the title. Again CM showed a lot with his facials when Long was talking to him. The first match of the night was Kane and Mike Knox vs. Finlay and Khali. I wasn’t looking forward to this match, but this wasn’t bad at all. However, I have two complaints. One, I wish Finlay would turn heel again. Some of Finlay’s best feuds happened when he was a rotten piece of crap. And two, I think this match could have been just a little shorter, it went on too long for me. But all in all this was a decent match. Well I see Vince McMahon made an appearance on Smackdown. Why? I wish I knew. The whole thing I guess centered around Vince keeping an eye on Theodore Long and oh yeah the pink sports coat that Vince was wearing. Let’s just say this segment really didn’t have to be on.

Oh but wait, it’s the middle school girls, Eve, Maria and Michelle McCool having their usual spat about Dolph Ziggler. This was another segment that I could have done without, but at least this time McCool wasn’t screeching her lines like she did last week. This came to an end when Melina showed up and asked the girls if there was a problem. Michelle looked at Melina and warned her if she touched her she would have her arrested. And if that wasn’t enough drama poor Melina asked Maria about Dolph and Maria told her to mind her own business. I’m so glad we get this soap opera each week, and yes that’s sarcasm.  Ah the match of the night was Rey Mysterio defending the IC title against John Morrison. Oh this was just an awesome match with the crowd right in there. I have to say Rey certainly left for his 30-day suspension on a positive note. I couldn’t be happier that Morrison is now the IC champion. I think it shows that McMahon has a lot of faith in this guy and I’m really looking forward to some great moments for the new champ. This was almost 30 minutes long and believe me it was so worth all the time it got. What a great match and again a match that we got free and didn’t have to wait to pay for. So props to Vince and his staff for putting this on Smackdown.

Wow, Drew McIntyre is two for two when it comes to taking R. Truth out the moment Truth hits the ring. Just like last week, McIntyre attacked Truth and cut another good promo. Drew said that he was making an example out of R-Truth last week because he was overlooked. My favorite line was when he said that the dancing fool has a match and he didn’t. He said that every week he’s going to interrupt our fun until he is recognized as the superstar that he is. So far the guy is still appealing to me, and I can’t wait to see him wrestle. As of now I am thinking that this guy is going to be very entertaining in the ring. I’m happy to say that I enjoyed Eve and Maria vs. Layla and Natalya. For a change this one flowed nicely. You know lately the women’s division on Raw has been rather week, so it was nice to see a decent women’s match on Smackdown.

And finally the main event with Matt Hardy vs. CM Hardy, okay Punk was a good match. But I have to be honest with all of you; I was really expecting a lot more action and a faster paced match. I liked the mach a lot, but maybe I was just expecting anything with a Hardy to be full of excitement. Plus in all fairness I don’t think Matt is 100 percent healed from his stomach surgery. But this was still a good main event, with Punk showing is violent side by doing his best to get rid of Matt by putting his head through a chair and then trying to send him into a post. Well that’s when the lights went out and before you could blink, the Undertaker was standing in front of Punk. Taker then choke slammed the champion onto the announce table. Well of course the crowd loved it. So a 1-minute appearance by Taker, gee I hope he can last longer at Breaking Point. Yes again that is sarcasm because I’m not so sure I’m into a Taker/Punk feud because Taker is off so much. But what the hell I will keep an open mind and see how this plays out. This could turn out to be a very important feud for Punk.

So this was a very good Smackdown with a VERY GOOD performance by CM Punk. Now here’s hoping that Monday’s Raw will rock. I will be there with my son Jason and his girlfriend Penny. I am so excited about going and seeing DX, Swagger, Bourne, and so many others. Oh and of course Bob Barker. God only knows what Bob Barker will bring to the show. Hopefully this will be a fun show, but more importantly a very good show. I will have my live thoughts I promise you either Tuesday or Wednesday. I can’t wait to hear from you guys about how the show was live, so please let me know.

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