Linda’s Thoughts – Summer Slam and Raw I Loved Them Both

I am in such a great mood. Why you ask? Because Summer Slam was a fantastic show and Raw was so much fun last night. So getting back to Summer Fest I mean Summer Slam I am so happy and proud to say that I got every match right except one, that’s right you read that correctly. Man I haven’t been able to say that in a long time. I figure I’ll continue bragging for another few days. Okay I could make this a super long column talking about both shows, but I don’t think I will do that. Let me just tell you a little about Summer Slam and then on to Raw. This was a Raw that worked for me as soon as DX came out. If you are a DX fan that I bet you loved the opening as much as I did. And if DX isn’t your cup of tea then I have a feeling that Raw didn’t do it for you. Let me just start with a great pay per view and then end with one of my favorite Raw’s in a very long time.

Summer Slam was just outstanding. I can’t tell you how happy I was that I ordered the show. I never expected to get what I got. Without a doubt, the TLC match with CM Punk vs. Jeff Hardy was the match of the night. These two guys did an awesome job and Punk’s facials were great. I loved his promo earlier in the show cutting up the fans that aren’t straight edge. He was just terrific throwing insult after insult at the fans. Punk got it going and then Hardy and Punk put on a 5 star TLC match. I am so glad that this was the match that ended the show. It would have been so wrong to place this anywhere else. There were two more top matches, the first being Rey Mysterio vs. Dolph Ziggler. Okay so Dolph lost again, but unlike A Night of Champions this time he looked like a true star. This was one hell of an opener and what we got Sunday night is what I thought we would get last month. But the wait was worth it. I absolutely loved watching Ziggler and Rey and I’m telling you the third is the charm. You watch Dolph win the I.C. title in three weeks at Breaking Point. Finally another very good match was DX taking on Legacy. Not only did DX come out to one very cool entrance but also the match was excellent. Just like Rey winning, DX’s win did nothing to hurt Cody Rhodes and Ted Dibiase. Through out the match these two guys just about countered every move that Hunter and Shawn came up with. Legacy looked strong and credible and I was just beyond thrilled with this match. These were the three best of the night.

Sure I was disappointed that Christian and William Regal ended in like 5 seconds, yet it was rather funny to see Regal go out that fast. Kane vs. Khali was exactly what I thought it would be, not pay per view worthy. And unfortunately MVP vs. Jack Swagger never really got enough time to amount to much. I really didn’t get why the Undertaker got the spot taking out CM Punk. But then I did get it. Taker was put in there so that the crowd could leave HAPPY after Punk’s win. And I did love the part where we saw Punk straddling Jeff who was down on the mat. And then the lights went out with Punk still straddling over the body, only this time it was Taker not Jeff Hardy. Trust me that was cool. But I just found it weird that Taker got in there. I could have seen Matt Hardy or even John Morrison going after Punk, not Taker. Oh well I guess it’s now a Taker/ Punk feud. The worst match for me was John Cena vs. Randy Orton. As bad as the theme was to restart the match every time Randy walked away, things never took off from the start. This match never flowed and I’ve seen better on Raw. This was a total disappointment for me. But trust me this was a terrific show and one that I highly recommend. I don’t think you will be disappointed at all.

And the DX Raw was a riot. As I said if you don’t care for DX I’m sure the opening was more than you could take, but for me I couldn’t stop laughing. I am really having a blast watching HBK. He talks to people like they are kids. When he took Vince last night to the side and said it was okay if he didn’t want to celebrate, I was hysterical. He comes off so calming so caring when we all know he’s full of it. I loved the tribute video and everything that else that we got. By the way I knew it was Dick Johnson in that cake, and not Mae Young. Well Mae never hit me, Dick did. Hey it’s nice to have a good laugh and that’s just what I had with the opening segment. I was also glad to see Rhodes and DiBiase crash the party and again attack DX; it brings things back to a more serious side. So Raw got off to a good start and that start really set the tone for a good show with a very HOT Las Vegas crowd. This crowd was off the charts and they really added to the show.

I happened to miss the Miz/Santino match and Miz’s promo, but I will watch it later with my husband. He’s a big Santino fan and he always like to see what he missed.  I thought the women’s match with Mickie, Gail Kim and Kelly Kelly vs. Beth Phoenix, Rosa Mendez and Alicia Fox was a good match. This came off well, and so much better than the Kim/James match last week. Of course I continued laughing with the backstage DX segment with the extremely loud noise in the background. Listen I’m not always laughing with DX skits, but for now I am definitely having a good time watching them. They play off each other so beautifully and that’s what makes them so likeable, or at least likeable for many of us. I thought Floyd Mayweather was used very well last night. He wasn’t on much, but the segment with Chris Jericho and Big Show really was good. Big Show still has a lot of animosity towards Mayweather from their Wrestlemania match, and I loved how little Chris Jericho got himself involved in all of this. Jericho is so good in this role, and when he stands next to Show he looks like a little bratty kid, which just makes his character even more fun.

I thought MVP did a really nice job on the mic giving it to Jericho and Show and I kind of like the idea of Mark Henry with MVP. Their match against Show and Y2J was really good. These four went on for a while and I just found myself really getting into it. I’m happy that this will be a rematch at Breaking Point, it’s kind of nice having MVP involved in here. I could have done without another Chavo vs. Hornswoggle segment, BUT when Evan Bourne ran out to help Hornsy, I was screaming at my son and his girlfriend that these two could have a nice feud. And now you know why my son Jason has lost interest. BECAUSE OF ME! And yes I got a kick out of the final DX segment with Vince, Mayweather and Carlito. Carlito was ripping Mayweather for not using him on the show, and Hunter said Floyd was doing a great job as host.  Then Vince said they were busy and Hunter said he was just getting busy with Vince’s daughter. That seemed to strike a nerve with Vince and right on cue Mayweather held a pad next to Carlito’s head and Vince took a swing and knocked out Carlito. This ended with Shawn saying, “Now that was cool.” It’s probably losing its effect here but it was a funny skit. And finally a good main event with Vince and DX vs. LEGACY!! This match was not only fun to watch, but it was also very good. This match really wasn’t about the Rhodes/DiBiase/DX feud. It was more about Randy Orton getting the brunt of DX and Vince’s wrath. This match ended with John Cena coming out throwing Randy Orton back in the ring, Cena then hitting the Attitude Adjustment on Orton. Vince covered Randy and got the pin.  And see I had no problem with any of this because it wasn’t Vince that took Orton out; he just came in for the pin. This was a crowd-pleasing match and it just topped off a very entertaining Raw.

So right now WWE is two for two and it would be great if ECW comes off just as well. Now I’m sure Smackdown will be another hot show they are totally on a streak and look for me over the weekend with my Smackdown thoughts. Hey did I tell you I got 7/8 right? Oh yeah I think I did. But back to Smackdown. Don’t forget we get a title match on Smackdown with Jeff Hardy vs. CM Punk in a steel cage match. What a way to say good-bye to Jeff Hardy. Again check out my column over the weekend with my thoughts on the show.

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