Vickie Guerrero News, Rey-Jericho Cage Match, Helms, More

– Jonathan sent the following: WWE has been the hot topic in Louisiana recently. Earlier today on a local news station they covered that the Superdome will hold the Superbowl in 2013 and they also said that New Orleans government officials were trying to get “something huge” before the Superbowl takes place in the spring season and say they won’t pull a “Stan Kroenke” which leads me to speculate they may try to get a WrestleMania sometime soon. Also, on the news regarding WWE, Centhia Arceneuax of KPLC news also said that members of the production team in “Wrong Side of the Tracks” were looking for theatres in Los Angeles and Baton Rouge to host the premier of RVD and Batista’s movie.

– Josh sent the following: The announcer’s weren’t correct when they mentioned that Monday night’s match between Santina Marella and Vickie Guerrero was Vickie’s first professional wrestling match. On Smackdown 5/16/2008, she competed against the Undertaker, albiet in a 4 on 1 handicap match with Edge, Zach Ryder, and Curt Hawkins. First one-on-one match? Yes. First match ever? No. just thought I’d point that out.

– Gregory Helms wrote on his Twitter page this morning he hung out with Shark Boy, So Cal Val and Wildcat after last night’s SmackDown/ECW taping at the US Bank Arena in Cincinnati, Ohio. Wildcat is probably Chris Harris.

– Following last night’s SmackDown/ECW taping at the US Bank Arena in Cincinnati, Ohio, Rey Mysterio beat Chris Jericho to retain the Intercontinental Championship in a Steel Cage dark main event.





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  • Damaris Rosa

    She went against cherry on the wedding show in summer 2008

  • Vengersammy

    Actually last Monday night’s match on Raw between Santina and Vickie was NOT even Vickie’s first one-on-one match in the WWE. Her first one-on-one match was against Cherry, the night of the Edge-Vickie wedding celebration on Friday Night SmackDown! She got the victory over Cherry after Natalya locked Cherry in the Sharpshooter prior to the match.
    Just thought I clear that up.

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