eFed: Finally Updated and More Site Updates!

Hey guys, I know it’s been a while since I’ve updated the eFed.  I’ve been extremely busy the past few weeks moving and starting a new job, but I’ve finally gotten around to it and look to continue it with the weekly updates.  I apologize for the delay in updating it, but we have a fresh set of matches for you to vote on now, so check that out – click here to vote.

There is also a new poll on the right navigation asking you whether Ric Flair should wrestle another match.  The options are: yes, no, and only with Shawn Michael’s bleseeing.

I also updated the Guess the Wrestler.

I also wanted to point out the calendar that is also on the right navigation bar.  If you are a hardcore reader of the site, you can click any of the days on the calendar to get news for that day only.  So if you know you missed a weekend of news, you can click on the date when you weren’t able to log onto WrestleScoop to catch up on your headlines from that day.

And don’t forget to order you WWE: Stars of the 90’s DVD by clicking on the link through WrestleScoop.com (on the right navigation bar) to purchase your copy from Amazon.com.  It’s an amazing DVD and one that every fan should own.  It’s only $19.99 through this special and it retails for $34.99, so you’re saving $15!

Be sure to vote in the eFed!