Lashley Chokes Out Cook In 0:24 After Mocking Wrestling

Don’t make fun of Bobby Lashley and his pro wrestling background. The TNA star said he was incensed by the fact that his opponent Mike Cook came to the cage in a lucha libre mask.

Lashley is generally a polite, sportsman but he refused to touch gloves with Cook. He charged Cook in the opening seconds and missed with a huge right. Cook made the mistake of dropping his head. Lashley, a big MMA heavyweight at 6-foot-3, 249 pounds, grabbed onto Cook’s head with his left arm. From there, he used his bulk to lean on Cook and it took just a few seconds for Cook to wilt under Lashley’s weight. Lashley flattened out Cook (7-4) and re-positioned his right arm to cinch on a choke. Cook’s legs could be seen quivering and referee John McCarthy had to step in to stop the fight (video). All that in just 24 seconds during Maximum Fighting Championship 21 at the River Cree Resort and Casino just outside Edmonton, Alberta

“I’m here for business,” said Lashley (3-0). “I’m here and everyone wants to and tries to make fun of the wrestling thing. I’m real. If they want to play around, I’ll knock them out or choke them out. And that’s what I did. I choked him out and made him pay. Now he can go put the mask back on and have fun with himself.”