Torrie Wilson Speaks on Kissing Vince McMahon, Being in WWE, More

– As NBC’s “I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Outta Here!” debuts on 6/1, Torrie Wilson was interviewed by AOL’s Fanhouse area. Below are some of the wrestling-related highlights.

Al Wilson Father Storyline: “Well, (former WWE writer) Paul Heyman actually pitched the storyline to me, and I thought it sounded like a fun storyline. He said, ‘Well, we can hire an actor or we can use your real dad.’ And I was like, ‘Oh, totally use my real dad. This is going to be a life experience for him.’ I have to say that there were multiple times where I thought to myself that maybe that wasn’t the smartest decision, just because family at work sometimes gets to be a little too much, but all in all, I thought it was a great experience.”

Making Out with Vince McMahon: “To say the least. It was crazy, crazy awkward. I was so intimidated by Vince. Having that being my first experience really around him, it was just really, really nerve-wracking. But after that, everything kind of went downhill, so it felt easy.”

Vince McMahon Himself: “Well, I can only speak from my own personal experiences with him, and I definitely think that he is compassionate. He was always compassionate with me, whether it was an injury or personal problems that I had at home. You know, of course, he is a workaholic, and I think it’s very hard for any workaholic to look at other people and not expect the same from them, and that’s the way he runs his company. So, he just expects that from everybody else. But I really do think that he’s a personable guy. He’s definitely intimidating at times, but he’s not nearly as horrible as everyone thinks.”

Backstage Scene in WWE: “It took me quite some time. When I was in WCW, it was definitely foreign. I mean, I have three brothers, but that’s as close as I got to being in this locker room atmosphere. It was just crazy with guys walking around, yelling at each other backstage. It was like being smack-dab in the middle of a men’s locker room. When I went to WWF, at the time, it still took me a good two years to actually start feeling comfortable there, just because I was kind of the new kid on the block for a while.”