Ashley/WWE Update, Kozlov vs. Ricky Ortiz, Santina Marella, More

– Prior to this Sunday’s Backlash pay-per-view, WWE fans will have the opportunity to chat with Santino Marella and his “twin sister” Santina on the WWE Universe website.

– In a battle of epic proportions, Ricky Ortiz faced off against Vladimir Kozlov a few hours prior to WrestleMania XXV at the Axxess event. Video footage of the match has surfaced online showcasing the conclusion of the match, which you can see at the following link.

– After selecting the top ten sexiest WWE Divas in history, The Sun has posted another feature revealing the top five favorites according to reader submissions. Among those featured include Stephanie McMahon, Maryse, Beth Phoenix, Katie Lea Burchill and Mickie James

– Ashley Massaro has posted a blog on her MySpace account shooting down online reports saying she is returning to WWE at SummerSlam. As noted yesterday, the reports originated on a Twitter account by a person posing as her — which has since been deleted. The person claiming to be her posted a note a few days ago saying she would be returning to WWE at Summerslam.

“It’s so funny how easily people fall for poser accts that claim to be me when they are not,” Massaro wrote in a blog on her MySpace account. “It has been reported on a certain Twitter acct that I’ve have claimed to be making a return to WWE by Summerslam. Now, as much as I’d love to say that it is true, it’s not. Because it ain’t me folks. Like i’ve said I have no other accts like that!”

Nonetheless, Massaro hopes to return to WWE one day. However, she is currently under contract as a result of another project she’s working on. Massaro also adds that the last time she spoke to Johnny Ace, he invited her to come down to a television taping, so it would appear that the door is still open for her to return to WWE.