WWE Superstars Report for 4/16/2009

– The debut of WWE Superstars on WGN kicks off with a nice looking opening video. The pyro hits and we’re in the arena. Jim Ross welcomes us to the inaugural WWE Superstars broadcast on WGN America. Todd Grisham is ringside with Ross. Still to come, Shane McMahon vs. Cody Rhodes.

The Undertaker vs. Matt Hardy

The lights in the arena go out and the bell starts to toll as The Undertaker makes his way to the ring to an awesome ovation. Ross says this will be an all-star show every Thursday night. Taker finally enters the ring as Grisham and Ross hype Superstars. Matt Hardy’s music hits next and out he comes to some heat.

They square off and Taker backs Hardy into the corner with rights. Big clothesline by Taker and Hardy rolls out to the floor. Hardy pulls Taker to the floor and they go at it with Hardy getting thrown into the barrier. Back in the ring now and Taker works on the arm of Hardy, hitting Old School. Taker clotheslines Hardy back out to the floor as we go to commercial break.

Back from the break and Taker drops the big leg drop over Hardy on the apron. 2 count by Taker. Shots by Taker in the corner now. Taker chokes Hardy in the corner before backing off. Taker grabs Hardy for the chokeslam but Hardy slips out and hits a neckbreaker. Right hands by Hardy. Hardy uses the ropes to choke Taker with. Taker puts Hardy on the apron and hits him with rights. Taker grabs him by the throat but Hardy counters using the rope and gets a 2 count. Hardy takes Taker to the mat now, working on the neck.

Taker tries to fight out of it but Hardy keeps the hold tight on his neck. Taker finally breaks the hold by ramming Hardy into the corner. Taker runs into an elbow and Hardy flies off the top rope but runs into a big boot. Taker knocks Hardy out of mid-air and gets a 2 count. Taker with a big splash in the corner and another. Taker drops snake eyes and another boot then the leg drop for a close 2 count. Taker calls for the chokeslam. Hardy ducks out of the ring to the floor to regroup. Hardy grabs a chair and drops it outside the ring. The ref counts to 10 and Hardy doesn’t get back in.

Winner: The Undertaker, by countout

After the match, Matt heads to the back. Jeff Hardy attacks from behind and brawls with Matt to the ring. Matt goes back in the ring and turns around to a chokeslam from The Undertaker. Taker’s music plays and he poses as we cut away.

– Christian Cage and Finlay are shown heading to the ring for their match as we go to commercial.

– Back from the break and ECW’s Matt Striker and Josh Matthews are on commentary. They lead us to a highlight package from WrestleMania 25.

Elimination Chase to Backlash Final: Christian Cage vs. Finlay

Christian Cage is out first to a nice pop for this match to determine Jack Swagger’s opponent for Backlash. They lock up and go to the corner to start the match. They go to the mat and Finlay gets an early 2 count. Good match here with some solid action. Christian gets a 2 count and Finlay kicks him to the floor. Hornswoggle approaches and Finlay comes out, throwing Cage into the apron. Finlay gets another 2 count in the ring and locks on a headlock.

After some more action with Finlay in control, Cage starts a comeback, using the ropes on Finlay and hitting a big right hand. Christian nails a crossbody off the top for a close 2 count. Finlay goes for his finisher but Christian makes it to the apron. Cage climbs to the top and kicks Finlay in the face. Big tornado DDT off the top by Cage for a 2 count. Christian lays Finlay out with the Unprettier to get the pinfall and the win, and the title shot at Backlash.

Winner: Christian Cage

– Christian and Finlay shake hands in the ring as we get ready to go back to commercial.

– Back from commercial and Jerry Lawler is on commentary with Michael Cole. They plug how big Superstars will be each week.

– We go backstage with Eve Torres. She welcomes Shane McMahon. He says he is disappointed about not facing Randy Orton this week on RAW but Triple H has to get the job done now. Shane says without Rhodes and DiBiase, Orton wouldn’t have been able to do the things he has been doing to his family so tonight, he starts his retribution with Cody Rhodes.

Cody Rhodes vs. Shane McMahon

We go to the arena and Cody Rhodes is making his way to the ring by himself. Lawler says Orton and DiBiase have been banned from ringside for this match. We go to commercial before Shane comes out.

Back from the break and Shane McMahon makes his way to the ring to a nice pop. The match starts and Shane starts off with his right hands, backing Cody into the corner. Cody kicks Shane in the gut but runs into a big clothesline. Hip tosses by Shane and then an armbar on the mat. Cody breaks the hold. They get to their feet and Cody rolls out of the ring to regroup.

Shane goes to the floor after Cody and rams him into the ring post. Back in the ring now and Shane gets a 2 count. Shane continues to work on the arm of Rhodes. Cody rolls Shane up for a quick count and Shane locks the armbar back on. Cody goes back to the floor and Shane follows. Shane leaps off the steps and nails a big clothesline on Cody. Back in the ring now and Shane gets a 2 count.

Back on the floor and Cody rams Shane’s head into the apron. Cody tries to throw Shane into the barrier but Shane counters and sends Cody flying. Shane throws Cody back in the ring but Cody hits him in the gut coming in. Cody knocks Shane from the apron back into the fan barrier. The ref checks on Shane as we go back to commercial.

Back from the break and Cody has Shane down in the ring, this time working on his arm with a knee in his back. Cody stomps on Shane now. Cody throws Shane hard into the corner and keeps stomping. 2 count by Cody. Cody keeps stomping on Shane, Orton style. Scoop slam by Cody and more stomps. Another 2 count. Cody remains in control with another submission. Shane fights back and rams Cody into the corner a few times. Cody knocks Shane back down and goes up top. Cody hits a bulldog off the top rope for a 2 count on Shane. More stomps by Cody.

Cody takes Shane to the top and they fight on the turnbuckle. Shane knocks Cody back to the mat. Shane goes flying on Cody but gets dropkicked in mid-air. 2 count by Cody. Cody goes to the floor and gets a steel chair, bringing it into the ring. The ref tries to take it from him and does. Cody punches and taunts Shane. Cody mocks Shane but gets clocked with a right. Shane fights back with a bunch of punches, knocking Cody back into the corner. Cody dumps Shane to the floor when he’s not looking. Cody goes to pull Shane back in but Shane hits him in the ribs with the chair from the floor. Shane gets DQ’d to end the long match.

Winner by DQ: Cody Rhodes

After the match, Shane enters the ring with the chair and starts hitting Cody with it. He props Cody in the corner and brings out a trash can, putting it in Cody’s face. Shane leaps from the other side of the ring and nails Coast to Coast on Cody to a huge pop. Shane makes it to his feet finally and his music plays as Superstars goes off the air.