Update on Matches After WrestleMania, Randy Orton Notes and More

– WWE’s WrestleMania 25 has now topped $6 million in advanced ticket sales, making it officially the largest gate in North American history for a pro wrestling event, as well as beating any MMA gate in North America. The all-time pro wrestling record was $7 million for Antonio Inoki’s retirement match in 1998 at the Tokyo Dome in Japan. The all-time MMA record is $7.4 million for the Kazushi Sakuraba vs. Mirko Cro Cop match in Japan at the Tokyo National Stadium.

– The Playboy Playmate who played Samantha Orton on RAW two weeks ago, Laura Croft, is actually well known by several of the WWE talents when they are working in the Northern Florida area. An interesting note on the whole Randy Orton thing is that a few months back they did the angle with Orton blowing Kelly Kelly off after a one-night stand and they portrayed him as a happily married man on RAW in the skit with his wife.

– Triple H and Big Show are currently booked for RAW events after WrestleMania, which may or may not have anything to do with the Draft. Final decisions for the WWE Draft haven’t been made yet but John Laurinaitis has to book cards for the arenas that always change. Right now he’s booked Triple H vs. Randy Orton and John Cena vs. Big Show as the top RAW matches along with Rey Mysterio vs. Chris Jericho.

The ECW live event crew will join the SmackDown brand after WrestleMania so RAW’s live events will only feature RAW stars. As mentioned before, WWE will go back to taping SmackDown and ECW on Tuesday nights together after WrestleMania. The current planned top matches for those brands coming out of WrestleMania is Edge vs. The Undertaker for the World Title, Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Hardy and Jack Swagger vs. Christian Cage for the ECW Title. Remember everything these days in WWE is subject to change.





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  • Davy

    also last years build up to the Big Show’s match with Mayweather they showed Show at home with his wife and i think family and this week they go and have this angle. WWE do need to think about things a bit better

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