TNA Head Dixie Carter Speaks on Christian Cage, TNA’s Growth, More

TNA President Dixie Carter was interviewed by The Daily Star in Great Britain as part of the promotional push for the company’s European tour, which kicks off today with the first of two shows in Dublin, Ireland before moving onto the UK:

Highlights of the interview:

The UK Tour: “I think this is a special and important market for us,” she said. “It’s where the fans have embraced our product on an equal level with the competition – and much quicker. On a weekly basis to be above or on par in the ratings is a huge victory for us. It’s an incredible response, and to come back and be greeted by this number of fans is a wonderful accomplishment for us. We are very grateful.”

TNA’s Growth: “We had a great year – we quadrupled our revenues. To do that in a year when world economies are crashing, well, it’s a testament to our product and our fans. How do you grow it from here? Interaction… allowing the fans that sense of touching the product, touching the talent, being a part of the TNA experience. We have to get out to these countries that have put us on a par with others and show our gratitude.”

Christian Cage: “I’m very disappointed. I like him as a person as well as a talent. It’s interesting, he was the first big name to jump ship to us and he’s been the first to jump back. I wish him all the best.”





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    It’s official, he’s back to the WWE.

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