Cover Photos and Details on Three Big Upcoming TNA DVD’s

– TNA will be releasing what looks to be a 2 disc DVD set on October 21st titled “TNA: Ultimate Matches.” Amazon’s listing for the DVD says 1 or 2 discs in different spots but the DVD has a runtime of 210 minutes. Below is the synopsis and cover photo:

TNA is the world leader in innovative, dangerous, high flying matches. No other pro wrestling company comes close to the excitement of TNA’s specialty matches. Get the Ultimate Matches DVD and experience for yourself King Of The Mountain, Ultimate X, Lockdown, Monster’s Ball and 2008’s most inovative match the Terrrodome. Coming October 21 to and major DVD retailers.


– The “Cross The Line PPV 3 Pack” will be released on November 11th and comes with the 2008 Victory Road, Hard Justice and No Surrender pay-per-views in a 3 disc set. The set has a runtime of 630 minutes. The preview and cover photo:

This DVD brings you 3 of TNA’s top PPVs in one ultimate package. This is 2008’s Victory Road, Hard Justice and No Surrender rolled into one. These 3 PPVs in 2008 featured some of the best wrestling matches from TNA. Such matches include the battles between Samoa Joe and Booker T, the epic suprises from “The Icon” Sting. Also included are mathces from the X Division, Knock Out Division and Tag Team Matches.


– And finally, TNA releases “Kurt Angle: Champion” on November 25th, which is also a 2 disc DVD set with a runtime of 420 minutes. Below is the cover photo and synopsis:

Two-time national collegiate champion, Olympic gold medalist, and over 20 time world champion. Kurt Angle has held world titles in every major professional wrestling organization in existence. Angle is the greatest professional wrestler in history. This new release contains over 3 hours of complete matches and special features that give a behind the scenes look at Kurt and his amazing career.