WWE RAW Results – September 15, 2008

– Tonight’s WWE RAW kicks off with us seeing the steel cage being lowered over the ring as Michael Cole welcomes us to RAW. Lilian Garcia begins the introductions and here we go…

Steel Cage Match for the World Title: CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho
The former World Champion CM Punk is out first to a nice pop. Punk stops at the cage, looks at it and makes his way inside the steel structure. We cut to a clip of Punk getting attacked at Unforgiven. Out next is the World Heavyweight Champion Chris Jericho.

Jericho comes out to a mixed reaction of sorts with his belt around his waist and his right arm heavily bandaged. Jericho walks to the cage, checks it out and locks eyes with Punk. Jericho enters the cage and stares down the crowd.

The bell rings and we’re ready to go. Punk and Jericho talk some trash and come face to face in the middle of the ring. Punk blocks a right hand and knocks Jericho down and back into the ropes. Knee to the gut by Punk followed by a flurry of right hands and more knees on the mat to Jericho. Punk stomps and kicks on Jericho.

Out of nowhere Jericho leaps to the top of the cage and tries to escape. Punk grabs his leg and they fight on the side of the cage. Jericho gets knocked to the mat and Punk tries to climb over the cage. Jericho rushes him and grabs his leg, pulled him back to the top rope. They fight it out on the top rope and Punk falls to the mat first. Punk drops Jericho and goes back at him with rights, kicks and a big knee to the face.

Punk hits the big running knee in the corner followed by the bulldog on Jericho. Punk waits for him to get up and goes for the GTS. Jericho grabs the rope and stops the GTS. Punk dumps Jericho into the cage between the ropes. We go back to commercial.

Back from commercial and Jericho has Punk in an ankle lock. During the break, Punk tried to get out of the cage door and Jericho pulled him back in by his feet and went to work on the leg. Punk breaks the lock with a kick to the back of the head but he is holding his knee. Punk hits Jericho with a series of kicks and slaps, chops. Jericho takes him down and goes for the Walls of Jericho and locks it.

Punk reaches for the ropes and the cage door as Jericho applies the pressure. The referee opens the door as Punk slides out of the door while he is still locked in the Walls of Jericho. Punk’s hands touch the floor and he pulls one leg out of the hold. Jericho still has his other leg, slams the steel door on Punk’s head and pulls him back in the ring. 2 count by Jericho.

Jericho goes back to work on Punk’s leg now. Jericho taunts Punk now, kicking him in the back of the head and hitting him with right hands. Jericho now taunts the crowd. Jericho goes for a Lionsault but Punk puts his knee up and blocks the move. Punk kicks Jericho with huge kicks and knocks him for a whirl on the mat. Jericho dodges the running knee in the corner and throws Punk head first into the cage.

Jericho dropkicks Punk into the steel and starts climbing the cage to escape. Punk goes after him and grabs his foot. Punk with forearm shots now, trying to bring Jericho back down. Punk grabs Jericho and goes for the GTS off the top rope. They brawl on the top now, using the steel cage. Both men fall head first off the cage to the mat. Punk gets a 2 count on Jericho. Jericho throws Punk back into the steel and goes to climb out of the cage again.

Punk climbs back up the cage and gets Jericho up on his shoulders. Punk falls back to the mat with Jericho on his shoulders and both men are down in the ring. The crowd gets behind Punk as he tries to get up. Punk crawls for the steel cage door but Jericho comes from behind and crawls for the door too. Punk pulls him back in the ring and goes for the door. They fight at the door now, both men trying to get out.

They stand up and do a spot on the apron where Punk tries to ram Jericho into the cage. It looks as if Punk’s head comes back and headbutts Jericho, knocking Punk back on the mat and knocking Jericho to the side and out the door to the floor for the win.

Winner: Chris Jericho

– We see Batista backstage watching Jericho head to the back with his World Title belt. Still to come tonight is Rey Mysterio vs. Kane. We go back to commercial break.

– Back from commercial and we get a video with Shawn Michaels’ voice talking about Hurricane Ike and giving information to donate to the victims through the Red Cross. You can call 1800-REDCROSS.

– Backstage we see Mike Adamle talking to Kelly Kelly. Dolph Diggler walks up and introduces himself to Kelly and Adamle. He walks off. Jericho comes up and Adamle stops him. Adamle mentions No Mercy and Jericho says that’s too much. He talks about what he’s gone through in the past 8 days. He tells Adamle he is the most valuable asset on this show and a human being, so Adamle needs to take care of him. Jericho says they need to go to his office to talk about some things and they walk off.

– We cut to Kane backstage, and he is wearing his old mask. He says he had to remove his mask years ago but nobody forces him to do anything. He says he took his mask off for all of us so he would be accepted, and that didn’t happen. He says everywhere he goes, people point at him and he doesn’t like it. He says people are repulsed by him and the feeling is more than mutual. He says then he sees a man like Rey Mysterio, who doesn’t have the courage to do what he did. He says Rey still wears his mask and people love him. He says all of us fans wear mask too, masks of self righteousness and happiness. He says we all are unhappy and only care about ourselves. He says he was attacking each and everyone of us when he attacked Rey Mysterio. Evan Bourne walks up and the music stops. Evan says Rey is courageous and he paved the way for guys like him. Evan can’t wait to see Rey beat him tonight. Kane laughs at Evan as he walks off. Kane stares with a psycho look on his face as we go back to the arena.

– Jillian Hall is singing a horrible rendition of “Ain’t Nothin’ But a Hound Dog” and the crowd hates it as always. After this commercial break she will take on Candice Michelle.

Jillian Hall vs. Candice Michelle
Back from commercial and Jillian Hall is screwing up more Elvis songs. Out next is the #1 contender, Candice Michelle. Candice dances in the entrance way as Beth Phoenix walks up behind her, stays behind her while she walks, and Candice doesn’t even notice. Beth takes a seat at ringside with Lawler and Cole for commentary.

Candice and Jillian lock up and go at it. Candice hits an ugly kick off the ropes for a 2 count. Nothing special here. Candice goes for another scissors takedown and Jillian drops her with a backdrop for a 2 count. Jillian chokes her in the ropes and they botch a spot or two in the turnbuckle as Beth looks on with a smirk on her face. Jillian throws Candice around the ring and applies a full nelson.

Jillian takes Candice to the mat with the hold and screams in her ears. Jillian continues to work her over. Candice drops out of the hold, looked like a botched neckbreaker. Jillian gets kicked in the head and this match has no heat and is absolutely dull. Candice mounts a comeback with some forearm shots and a leap frog move of some kind. 2 count by Candice as Beth looks on. Beth isn’t doing commentary, just sitting there. Back drop by Jillian.

Jillian hits her handspring move in the corner but somehow Candice drops her with her Candy Wrapper move to get the pinfall and the win.

Winner: Candice Michelle

After the match, Candice challenges Beth to come in the ring. Beth heads for the ropes and Candice barely taps her with a dropkick to send her back to the floor. Beth leaves as the two talk trash to each other. Back to commercial.

JBL vs. Tommy Dreamer

Back from commercial and the white limousine pulls into the arena as JBL heads to the ring ready to wrestle. Out next is his opponent, Tommy Dreamer. Dreamer here is representing ECW as a part of the RAW-ECW talent exchange.

They lock up and JBL starts punishing Dreamer, throwing him around the ring. JBL drops a few elbows and drops Dreamer with a big boot to the face. JBL kicks and punches on Dreamer in the corner but gets hit by a big boot from Dreamer. Dreamer comes back with right hands and a swinging neckbreaker on JBL for a 2 count.

Dreamer runs at JBL but hits the turnbuckle and as this is happening, JBL bounces off the ropes and plows Dreamer with a huge Clothesline from Hell for the pinfall and the win.
Winner: JBL

– After the match, JBL stands over Dreamer and goes to the floor to get a steel chair. He brings it back in but sends Dreamer out of the ring and sets up the steel chair and takes a seat. JBL says he isn’t leaving the ring tonight until Mike Adamle makes him the #1 contender, right here, right now, tonight. The crowd charts chanting “YOU SUCK.” We go to commercial.

Back from commercial and JBL is talking to Adamle who is not out yet. JBL says people can’t relate to him because they’re poor basically, so don’t listen to what they say. JBL says nobody deserves to be #1 contender more than him and the music hits and out comes Randy Orton.

Orton says a few weeks ago he gave his impression of the Champs on RAW and was not impressed, that’s why he made sure CM Punk didn’t keep his belt. Orton tells JBL he isn’t much of an improvement. Orton says the Age of Orton was cut short due to an injury and as he continues to rehab his shoulder, its a matter of time before the Age resumes. He says when it does, it doesn’t matter who is Champ because he will take it and there will be a Champ with some real credibility. Out comes Santino and Beth.

Santino and Beth come to the ring with a pissed off look on their face. Santino asks him who he thinks he is. He says unlike Orton, they are Champions. Santino says Orton is always injured, just like his daddy. He asks how long he had the cast on his arm, for 6 years? He says his papa is always healthy, even though he did have the herpes. Santino says they represent a new age of Champions and tells Orton to apologize. Orton asks if he actually expects him to respond to that. Orton says he doesn’t care if he’s hurt… JBL interrupts and says apologize. Not to Mr. and Mrs. Phoenix, but to him. JBL says Orton has become irrevelant and he can justify being the #1 contender. JBL talks about knocking out Batista last week with a Clothesline and says it is his time now. He says he isn’t leaving until he gets a title shot. He says he would hate for something to happen to Orton. Out comes Batista.

Batista comes out to a huge pop and has his usual entrance complete with pyro and everything. Batista gets in the ring and looks at everyone. He says before he beats the hell out of everyone, he has to say this is the most pathetic sight he has ever seen. He says they’re like a bunch of politicians making promises they can’t keep. He says like Barack Obama said, you can put lipstick on a pig but at the end of the day, it’s still a pig and motions to Beth Phoenix. Santino says just cause she squeals does not mean she is a pig. Batista threatens to slap his unibrow off. Batista says he proposes tonight, he takes on JBL and goes to No Mercy to face Jericho. He says after that, he’s going to keep beating guys up until Orton acts like a man, gets his doctors note and comes back to wrestling and he will beat him too. Santino asks him if he forgot about someone. Batista says he is sorry and says when he is World Champ again, Beth can have a title shot and he will beat her ass too. Batista says he is tired of talking and tells JBL they can go right now. Mike Adamle appears on the big screen.

Adamle says he will take everyone’s opinions into consideration, including Chris Jericho’s, and will make the announcement after the Kane and Mysterio match. Adamle tells everyone to relax. Batista says he is going to plead his case now and decks JBL. JBL comes off the ropes, hits Batista and flees as does Orton. Batista drops Santino with a Batista Bomb and comes face to face with Beth Phoenix. She slaps him and starts talking trash. She slaps him again, harder this time, and hits him again. Batista grabs her and Batista Bomb’s her right ontop of Santino. It looked like she landed on Santino bad. Batista is selling the slap from her as he mkes his way out of the ring. Beth is laying right on top of Santino’s head. Batista makes his exit and looks back at the ring, still selling the slap. And it was a pretty hard slap at that.

– Backstage we see Randy Orton walking and he comes across Ted DiBiase, Cody Rhodes and Manu. They exchange a look and keep walking as we go back to commercial.

Manu, Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase vs. Kofi Kingston, Jerry Lawler, Jim Haas

Back from commercial and the WWE Tag Team Champions with Manu come to the ring for this six-man match. Out next is Kofi Kingston, followed by the hometown Superstar Jerry Lawler. Out next is…. Jim Ross!! No, it’s Charlie Haas as Jim Haas. Haas, with his stomach stuffed up and a cowboy hat on, gets on the mic and cuts a promo impersonating JR.

It’s Manu and Kofi starting the match off. Manu nails a hard shoulder block and a headbutt on Kofi to start the match. Kofi comes back with high kicks and Manu tags in Cody. Kofi catches him and throws him to the turnbuckle. In comes Jerry Lawler to a big pop. Lawler and Cody trade rights. Lawler goes low with a big right hand and a big back drop on Cody followed by a dropkick. Cody throws Lawler into the turnbuckle and hits a big bulldog for a 2 count.

Cody locks on a submission in the ring as Haas goes to the announcers table, picks up the mic and does a Jim Ross rant. Lawler comes back in the ring, fights off Cody and tags in Haas. Haas rocks Ted DiBiase with rights and a big dropkick, big belly and all. Haas with a Lou Thesz Press on Ted. Haas drops a huge belly splash on Ted for a 2 count as Cody breaks it up. Everybody comes in as Kofi takes Manu outside and Lawler takes Cody to the floor. Haas scoops Ted up for an Oklahoma Stampede but Ted slides out of it and drops Haas with his finisher for the pinfall and the win.

Winners: Manu, Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase

– Back from commercial and Chris Jericho is in the locker room. JBL walks up and says they made a good tag team last week. Jericho reminds him how he cost him the WWE Title last year and says like his friends on Wall Street, chances of him getting a title shot are crashing. Jericho rants some more about No Mercy and we cut back to the Hurricane Ike video with HBK’s voiceover.

Jamie Noble vs. Paul Burchill
Jamie Noble, who is heartbroken still apparently, comes out first. Out next is Paul Burchill, with a new look of sorts, and Katie Lea at his side. They start the match up with Noble unleashing, taking out his pain on Burchill I guess.

Burchill tries to come back and hits a big uppercut and some other moves but runs into the turnbuckle post. Noble snaps, locks on an arm lock, goes crazy and makes Burchill tap out for the win.
Winner: Jamie Noble

After the match, Layla comes to the entrance way and it sounds like she’s about to apologize to Noble but she turns nasty and starts dissing him and his ways. She says she found her a real man and out comes William Regal. Regal says it’s not Noble she wanted, but nobility. They walk off hand-in-hand.

– Backstage we see Adamle talking to Lance Cade. A pissed off Batista walks in and has a problem with Adamle, wanting to be the #1 contender. Cade tries to speak up and Batista grabs him and throws him to the wall. Batista says he didn’t ask Cade’s opinion on anything and walks off. Up next is Kane vs. Rey Mysterio as we go back to commercial.

Kane vs. Rey Mysterio
Back from commercial and Kane makes his way to the ring first, without his mask on his face. Out next is Rey Mysterio to a huge pop. Rey celebrates with the fans at ringside as Kane taunts him.

Rey takes a shot at Kane and ducks and dodges around the ring. Kane backs him in the corner with right hands. Rey tries for a hurrancanrana but Kane catches him. Rey knocks Kane to the mat with rights while on his shoulder. Kane comes up with a massive right hand and uses the ropes to choke Rey. Kane now stomps on Rey and throws him face first across the ring to the floor. Rey pops right back up and kicks Kane to the outside. Kane is on the floor as Rey stands in the ring, hyping the crowd as we go back to commercial.

Back from commercial and Kane has Rey on the mat in a headlock. During the commercial, Kane decked Rey with a huge big boot. Rey comes out of the headlock but gets scoop slammed to the mat by Kane. Rey rolls and misses a huge elbow drop from Kane and starts fighting Kane into the corner. Rey climbs Kane and nails him 5 times, gets knocked off and comes back for 5 more. Kane catches him this time and flings his body into the steel post like it’s nothing.

Kane launches Rey into the corner again and sends him to the mat. Kane drops a big knee on Rey and taunts him while he’s down. Kane hits a big back breaker on Rey and bends him across his knee. Rey starts kicking out of the hold and succeeds. The fans start chanting “619” as Kane pummels Rey in the corner. Kane misses a runnig boot and gets hung up on the top rope. Rey kicks him back and nails the big bulldog and a low dropkick to the face. 2 count by Rey.

Rey drops Kane’s face into the turnbuckle and climbs the top. Rey staggers on the turnbuckle and leaps to Kane. Kane catches him but Rey drops off. Big enziguri kick by Rey knocks Kane to the ropes. Rey goes for the 619 but Kane comes up and levels him with a huge clothesline. Kane goes to stomping on Rey again over and over again in the corner. The referee rings the bell and calls for the match as the crowd boo’s.
Kane tries to take Rey’s mask off as Evan Bourne hits the ring and attacks Kane. Rey gets up and they double team Kane with high flying moves. Bourne and Rey duck out of the ring and leave together as Kane looks on from the ring.

Winner: Rey Mysterio by DQ or Ref Stoppage

– Backstage we see Chris Jericho and Lance Cade walking to the ring. RAW’s newest Superstar Dolph Diggler walks up and extends his hand, introducing himself. Jericho keeps walking as we go to commercial.

– Back from commercial and the World Heavyweight Champion Chris Jericho makes his way to the ring, in a suit, with Lance Cade right behind him. Jericho thanks Adamle for respecting his opinion as the Champion and listening to his advice.

Jericho talks about the potential contenders, JBL and Batista, and says neither of them are worthy. He suggests JBL vs. Batista at No Mercy and immediately afterwards, he comes down and faces the winner for the Championship. Jericho says he wrestled twice at Unforgiven so it’s not a big deal. Jericho says he is the best in the world and says Adamle should do the right thing.

Adamle comes out to the entrance and says it’s more than fair. He announces Batista vs. JBL for No Mercy with the winner being #1 contender. He says he doesn’t want to get in the habit of scheduling challengers twice in one night. He says the winner of that match will face the World Champion but not that night.

Adamle says he has to have the belt defended that night and says he was approached by someone else and they had an idea for a title match that was so exciting he couldn’t pass it up. Adamle calls out his opponent for No Mercy and it is none other than…. Adamle takes forever here. The crowd starts chanting “HBK.” The music hits and out coems Shawn Michaels with a mic.

HBK says yea, they’ve fought in a regular match and a sanctioned match, so what else could they do to each other and top themselves. HBK says this match will allow him to destroy Jericho and win the World Title. This match will be a…. HBK asks for help. Out comes a huge ladder brought by crew members. It’s HBK vs. Y2J at No Mercy for the World Title in a Ladder Match! HBK climbs to the top of the ladder, his music hits and he stares down Jericho as RAW goes off the air!

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