WWE Unforgiven Results – September 7, 2008

WWE Unforgiven Results – 9/07/2008
Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio
Report by: Richard Gray of WrestlingNewsWorld

Dark Match Result:
* Evan Bourne b. John Morrison in a dark match prior to tonight’s WWE Unforgiven pay-per-view. Thanks to Wrestling News World readers Drew Acklin and Michael Mouse for calling that in.

The event is now live on pay-per-view as a promo video is shown for tonight’s World Championship Scramble matches. The promo video continues with the Michaels vs. Jericho feud being recapped. The pyros explode as we are live inside the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio. The camera pans the crowd as this is presented in WWE HD. Todd Grisham gives us the formal introduction alongside Matt Striker.

Mark Henry (c), Matt Hardy, The Miz, Chavo Guerrero, Finlay
ECW Championship Scramble

The following is the first of three Championship Scramble Matches. Striker says that a random drawing was done earlier today to see who entered when. Matt Hardy is the first out for the match. Remember whoever is the champion at the end of 20 minutes becomes the official champion. The Miz comes out next. The bell rings as we start with Hardy and Miz. They lockup as the crowd is extremely pro-Hardy. Side headlock slam from Hardy onto Miz, he gets a two count. Miz gets to his feet in the side headlock but Hardy whips him off the ropes for another two count. Miz finally gets a counter when Hardy goes off the ropes. Miz connects on a hip toss and applies a side headlock on Hardy on the mat. Hardy gets to his feet and battles out of the hold. Hardy throws Miz into the corner. Miz counters but Hardy counters again and sends Miz to the mat. Hardy nearly gets a fall with a long two count. Hardy works Miz’s head off the turnbuckles. He connects a big clothesline and gets another near fall. Miz starts to counter by catching Hardy in the ropes and utilizing right hands. Miz goes over the top for a high risk on the apron and gets back into the ring to get a two count. Another head lock from Miz on Hardy. The crowd gets behind Hardy.

Hardy counters with shots to the ribs of Miz. Hardy gets a two count but Miz kicks out and delivers a clothesline. Miz gets a two count on Matt Hardy. The scramble concept comes from Pat Patterson says Matt Striker. Miz goes to the middle rope, Hardy tries to pull him off with a back slide. Miz counters and hits the Reality Check. Hardy goes to the outside, Miz follows and puts him back in the ring. Two count for Miz. Chavo Guerrero with Bam Neely is the next participant in the match. Chavo gets on the apron and throws Miz over the top. Chavo off the top for the Frog Splash for the three count on Hardy. Chavo Guerrero is the current ECW Champion. Chavo Guerrero now goes to work on The Miz who is back in the ring. Hardy is selling the Frog Splash by laying on the mat. Miz finally counters on the current ECW Champion (Chavo) and gets a two count. Miz kicks Chavo in the face but ends up eating a pinpoint heel kick. Miz to the outside, Chavo goes high risk on him. Hardy goes to the outside and puts Chavo back in the ring. Scoop slam from Hardy on Chavo followed by an elbow and a two count.

The Miz goes off the top rope and hits a cross body block on both Chavo and Hardy. He gets a two count on Hardy. Huge back body drop from Matt Hardy onto Chavo. Running bulldog try on Chavo, he ends up hitting the Side Effect and the pinfall on Chavo Guerrero. Matt Hardy is your current ECW Champion. Chavo gives thrown over the top rope by Hardy as he goes to work on Miz. Hardy applies a headlock on Miz on the mat. The referee checks for submission. There have been two title changes thus far. Chavo won the title but now Matt Hardy is your current ECW Champion. Here comes Mark Henry with Tony Atlas as he is your next competitor in the match. Mark Henry gets in the ring and stares down the other three guys in the ring. Hardy takes out Hardy then Miz. Chavo, Miz, and Hardy then start pounding Henry with rights. He throws them all down like rag dolls and gives all three clotheslines. Henry picks Hardy up over his head and drops him right on his face. Miz goes to work on Henry but gets sent to the mat. Hardy slams Chavo Guerrero to the mat and pins him for the three count. Mark Henry is the current ECW Champion. Hardy goes for Twist of Fate but Henry counters. Henry sends Hardy to the outside after knocking him off the mat. Henry goes to work on Miz in the ring. Now Henry works on Chavo in the ring. Chavo tries to build a counter but Henry picks him up and locks in a bear hug. Hardy is back on the apron as he goes to the top. Hardy goes off and lands into the hands of Mark Henry (who drops Chavo). Henry applies the bear hug on Hardy now.

The crowd is dead as Grisham and Striker even acknowledge it. Henry works the bear huge on Hardy. Finlay is the final participant to enter as he comes out with Hornswoggle who goes directly under the ring. Finlay gives Henry a huge DDT and finally gets this crowd to give a response. Finlay gets a two count on Henry. There is less than 4:30 left in the match as Henry goes for the bear hug on Finlay. Hornswoggle gets in the ring, Finlay connects with a Shillelagh shot. Hardy comes in and they dump Henry out of the ring. Finlay and Hardy go at it as Finlay pins Hardy for the three count. Finlay is your current champion. Miz goes off the top rope for a missile dropkick on Finlay. Hardy hits a maneuver on Miz and pins him for a three count. Hardy is current champ. Chavo hits a Frog Splash on Miz but Hardy breaks up the three count. Mark Henry is back in the ring as Miz is busted open. Henry is dominating with just over 2 minutes. Henry gets a two count on Chavo, saved by Matt Hardy. Out of nowhere Miz locks Hardy in a roll-up but Henry breaks it up. Henry hits the World’s Strongest Slam on Chavo Guerrero. Hardy breaks up the three count. Finlay nearly gets a pinfall on Hardy. Henry hits a splash on Miz but the three count is broken up by Hardy.

Final minute of the match as Hardy throws Miz to the outside. He works over Henry who was trying to pin Finlay. Hardy throws Miz out then Chavo. Finlay picks Hardy up but Chavo gets back in the ring. All kinds of pin attempts in the final 10 seconds but Matt Hardy is your new ECW Champion.

Winner & new ECW Champion – Matt Hardy

Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase (c) vs. Cryme Tyme
World Tag Team Championship Match

The following match is for the WWE World Tag Team Championship. The challengers, Cryme Tyme, come to the ring first. Rhodes and DiBiase have the golds with them as they got them back on Raw this past Monday. JTG and Cody Rhodes start things out. Shad throws JTG to the outside onto Rhodes and DiBiase for a high risk double team. Rhodes tags in DiBiase in against Shad. Shad gets a two count on DiBiase after a hip toss. DiBiase runs into a huge scoop slam by Shad. Shad goes off the ropes and drops an elbow on DiBiase. He gets a two count. DiBiase and Rhodes double team Shad. Rhodes is the legal man following a tag. JTG is tagged in as Cryme Tyme executes a double team. JTG gets a long two count on Cody Rhodes. Cody Rhodes lands a cheap shot as JTG goes after him on the outside. Rhodes takes care of him and takes his do-rag off. Rhodes gets a two count on JTG in the ring. Rhodes works JTG over in the ring. JTG tries to battle out of an arm lock but Rhodes tags in DiBiase. DiBiase tags Cody back in as he goes off the top rope and works the arm of JTG.

Rhodes gets another cover on JTG. Rhodes works the left arm of JTG. JTG finally tries a counter but Cody Rhodes hits a side Russian Leg Sweep. Rhodes tags in DiBiase who hits a drop kick on JTG. DiBiase continues where Rhodes left off, working the left arm of JTG. Shad tries to get the crowd behind JTG for a hot tag. JTG battles DiBiase off and lands a side suplex. Both men are down as JTG reaches for the tag. Rhodes is tagged in by DiBiase. Rhodes knocks Shad off the apron as they double team JTG. Rhodes gets a two count on JTG as Shad sells being knocked off the apron. Rhodes kicks JTG but JTG battles back with boots to the face of Rhodes. Rhodes counters with a right hand and stomps him down under the ropes. Rhodes goes back to working the left arm of JTG. JTG finally gets to his feet but ends up eating a stiff kick from Rhodes to the midsection. Scoop slam from Rhodes.

Rhodes goes to the top and misses on a perfect moonsault. Rhodes sells it well as JTG goes for a tag on Shad. DiBiase reaches out and gets tagged in as well. It’s Shad vs. DiBiase. Shad hits two clotheslines and an inverted atomic drop. Shad runs with DiBiase and drops him face first on the turnbuckle. As soon as he goes for a cover, Rhodes interferes. Shad lands another maneuver on DiBiase but Rhodes hits a DDT on Shad without the referee seeing. DiBiase gets a two count but Shad’s leg is on the ropes. Rhodes is tagged in. Shad tags in JTG but Rhodes ends up getting tagged in and getting stealing the win with a roll-up.

Winner & still World Tag Team Champions – Ted DiBiase & Cody Rhodes

After the match Cryme Tyme and DiBiase & Rhodes go at it. Afa from FCW hits the ring and takes out Cryme Tyme. Lawler and Cole play it off as they do not know who it is. Afa celebrates in the ring with the World Tag Team Championships.

Shawn Michaels vs. Chris Jericho
Unsanctioned Match

The following match is an unsanctioned match which means that there are no rules. Jericho comes to the ring first in his new ring trunks. Shawn Michaels comes out in jeans and a black tank top. Michaels’ left triceps is heavily taped. Shawn Michaels goes right after Jericho as they exchange blows and back and forth. Michaels is working stiff with Jericho, kicking him in the face when he’s down. Michaels takes his cowboy boot off and hits Jericho in the face with it a couple of times. Jericho goes to the outside. Michaels follows and pounds away on Jericho, taking him over the crowd control barrier. Michaels hits a straight right hand to the bridge of the nose of Jericho. Jericho is busted open hardway. Shawn is working real stiff with Chris. Michaels catapults Jericho face first into the steel ring post on the outside. Michaels gets a chair. Jericho dodges a hard chair shot. Jericho throws Michaels against the SmackDown announce table. Jericho picks HBK up and drops him again. Referee Marty Elias checks on Michaels on the outside and tells Jericho something. Michaels looks to be favoring his triceps. Jericho gets two tables from under the ring. Jericho tries to throw Michaels threw the tables with a powerbomb but Shawn counters. The counter sends Shawn head first into the ring apron. Jericho roles Michaels in the ring.

Jericho goes to work on Michaels in the ring with a chair. He strikes him over the head stiff. Michaels sells the blow as Jericho shouts insults. Jericho hits a back body drop and goes to the outside for another chair. He sets it up in the ropes. Michaels gets to his feet only to eat right hands from Chris. Jericho buries his foot in the face of Shawn Michaels. Jericho is smiling and laughing. Jericho ends up getting thrown shoulder first into the turnbuckles. Jericho counters on the apron and goes for a superplex onto the table on the outside. Shawn blocks but Jericho gets him up. Somehow Michaels blocks again and they work on the apron. Michaels is really favoring his left arm as he goes on the offensive against Jericho in the ring. Michaels strangles Jericho in the middle of the ring. He goes to the top rope and hits the flying elbow on Jericho. The crowd goes nuts as HBK dials up Sweet Chin Music. Before Jericho can take it, Jericho falls to his knees. Michaels hits several right hands to Jericho’s face. Michaels tells Jericho he’s not finished with him. Michaels locks the crossface on Jericho, funny how Cole just called it a submission maneuver. Jericho counters but throwing Shawn head first into the chair setup in the turnbuckles. The crowd is heavily behind Michaels as he sells that he has re-injured his eye. Jericho works over HBK in the ring. Several right hands from Jericho on Michaels. He gets on top of Shawn and starts to choke him. Marty Elias keeps breaking chokes and shouting instructions but the match is unsanctioned. Shawn sells that he can noly see as Jericho works the eyes of Michaels. Shawn counters with desperation right hands. Michaels continues to assault Jericho as he connects on a big clothesline. HBK looks to attempt a powerbomb but Jericho counters by putting Shawn in the Walls of Jericho. Jericho wrenches back on the hold as Michaels makes it to the ropes. Elias calls for the break but the match is unsanctioned. Michaels has a fire extinguisher… he shoots Jericho right in the eyes.

Jericho sells that he can’t see as Michaels picks up the extinguisher and hits Jericho with it. Jericho goes to the outside as a result of the fire extinguisher shot. Michaels goes to the outside to follow-up on his attack. He kicks Jericho in the spine. Michaels kicks Jericho down the ramp and throws him coast-to-coast from the crowd control barriers. Michaels is able to get Jericho up for a suplex but he immediately goes down clutching his torn left triceps. Lance Cade comes out in street clothes and is taken out by Michaels. Michaels connects again on Jericho, kicking him in the ribs. Cade hits HBK right in his injured triceps and goes to work on him. Jericho and Cade set Michaels up in the ring in front of the ring post. Cade works his triceps from the outside. Now it’s a two on one assault inside the ring. Cade holds Michaels back while Jericho slaps him. Jericho is bleeding from his elbow. Cade finally gets out of the ring while Jericho is clearly in control. Cade gives Jericho a chair and gets back in the ring. Jericho hits Michaels in the face as the referee tries to reason with Jericho to put the chair down.

Another chair shot from Jericho onto Michaels as he is getting huge heat from the live crowd. Cade holds Michaels into place for Jericho to pinpoint blows. Cade puts Michaels’ injured left arm in the chair as Jericho climbs to the top rope. Shawn finally kicks Cade away who knocks Jericho down. Cade gets back in the ring and eats Sweet Chin Music. Michaels hits Jericho with a chair off the top rope and threw a table on the outside. Jericho still has a little blood coming out of his nose. Michaels gets out of the ring and uses his right arm to deliver hard chair shots to Jericho. One after another, very hard chair shots from Michaels. Michaels takes the top of the Raw announcing table. He rips out the monitors. Michaels lays Cade over the announce table and gets in the ring. Shawn Michaels teases a top rope dive. Michaels decides against it and goes back to the outside where he kicks Jericho in the head. Michaels puts Jericho on top Cade. Michaels back in the ring and goes to the top. Michaels goes off the top rope, out of the ring, onto the announce table onto Cade and Michaels.

Michaels is pretty much crying on the outside of the ring as he delivered one of the craziest flying elbow spots I have ever seen in WWE. Michaels drags the lifeless carcass of Jericho and puts him in the ring. Michaels takes off his belt and straps Jericho with it. The bleeding from Jericho’s nose has picked up. Michaels whips away at Jericho with his belt. Jericho is all scratched up all over his body. Michaels hits Jericho in the face with his belt wrapped around his fist. Michaels continues to work the eye of Jericho as the referee finally calls for the bell. Marty Elias pries Michaels off of Jericho.

Winner because of referee stoppage – Chris Jericho

Michaels looks distraught after the match. He gets back on Jericho and gives him more right hand shots with the belt around his fist. The referee pulls him off. Michaels looks at Jericho’s lifeless body in the ring. He gives Marty Elias Sweet Chin Music. Three more referees come out to tend to Jericho, they call for the trainers. Michaels looks possessed.

Triple H (c) vs. Jeff Hardy vs. MVP vs. The Brian Kendrick vs. Shelton Benjamin
WWE Championship Scramble Match

Jeff Hardy is the first participant in the WWE Championship Scramble Match. Jim Ross reminds us that a random drawing determined the order of entrance. WWE United States Champion Shelton Benjamin is the second wrestler out as he and Jeff Hardy will start things out. They show a taped interview of Shelton Benjamin claiming that after this match tonight that both of his shoulders will have gold and that he is the gold standard. The bell rings and we’re underway. Benjamin gets a quick cradle and a one count. Hardy counters and gets one of his own. JR and Tazz put over Benjamin’s mat wrestling ability. Shelton applies a side headlock on Hardy. Hardy sends him off the ropes but takes a shoulder block. Shelton gets a quick cover. Hardy gets Shelton in a roll-up for a two count. Hardy bounces Shelton’s head off the turnbuckle and whips him into the corner. Hardy gets a two count on Shelton. Shelton applies another side headlock on Hardy and wrestles with him on the mat.

Shelton wrenches back on the side headlock as the referee checks for submission. Hardy is able to get to his feet and backs Shelton down down elbows. Hardy dodges two kicks but Shelton picks him up and throws him in the ropes. Shelton gets a two count. Shelton goes on the offensive against Hardy on the mat. Benjamin locks in another submission hold with his arms on the throat of Jeff Hardy. Benjamin works the head of Jeff Hardy with right hands. Benjamin gets another two count. Hardy counters and gets a two count. Shelton looked like he botched a maneuver, falling down after not being touched by Hardy. Hardy hits a scoop slam on Benjamin and a leg drop followed by another near fall. Shelton works Hardy over as Hardy counters. It’s time for The Brian Kendrick as he comes out with Ezekiel Jackson. Hardy throws Benjamin to the apron, they duke it out on the apron. Benjamin tries a belly-to-back off the apron but Brian Kendrick gets involved. Kendrick works over Hardy and gets a two count. Kendrick uses boots and quick kicks to build offense on Hardy as he gets a near fall.

Hardy finally counters and flips him over face first. Kendrick gets pinned by Jeff Hardy who becomes the current WWE Champion. Shelton Benjamin goes back to work on Hardy as Kendrick is on the outside re-grouping. Hardy hits a nice suplex on Benjamin and gets a two count. The crowd is dead for this one as well as Benjamin drops Hardy in the ring. Hardy gets out of the way of Benjamin offense. Hardy goes for Twist of Fate but Shelton hits Paydirt and goes for the cover. Kendrick comes in for the save. Brian Kendrick hits The Kendrick on Hardy and pins him for three. Brian Kendrick is the current WWE Champion. MVP is out as the next participant. Can you believe as I type this Brian Kendrick is the WWE Champion? MVP gets in the ring and goes at it with Kendrick and drops him face first on the mat. MVP flips Kendrick out of the ring and then goes to work on Shelton Benjamin. MVP sends Benjamin into the turnbuckles face first and stalks him on the setup. Kendrick intercepts his drive bye attempt with a thunderous drop kick. Jeff Hardy gets in the ring and makes the save. Hardy finally gets a cover on Benjamin but The Kendrick makes the save and kicks Jeff out of the ring. Kendrick goes to work on Benjamin, kicking him in the face. Shelton hits Kendrick with a Samoan Drop. MVP goes for the cover on Benjamin but Kendrick makes the save. MVP throws Kendrick into the turnbuckles but Kendrick hits a beautiful twisting crossbody. Kendrick kicks Shelton in the face then MVP in the face. Shelton Benjamin gets Kendrick up for a powerbomb but Kendrick counters with a hurricanrana. Kendrick works MVP over in the corner. MVP battles out as Kendrick hits another nice dropkick. Triple H comes out to a big pop from the live crowd. He’s got a bottle of water with him that he throws into the crowd. Kendrick tells Hunter to bring it on. Hunter sends Shelton to the outside and works over MVP. Spine buster from Hunter on Kendrick, he throws MVP out, then hits the Pedigree on The Kendrick. Triple H becomes the current WWE Champion with a pinfall on Kendrick.

Hunter works with Shelton on the outside as both are down. Hardy rolls MVP back in the ring. Twist of Fate from Hardy on MVP as Jeff Hardy pins MVP to become the current WWE Champion. Kendrick back in the ring and hits a move on Hardy. Hardy counters and hits a sitdown suplex. Hardy goes to the top rope as The Game knocks him down from the outside. Triple H hits The Kendrick with the Pedigree as he gets the three count to become the current WWE Champion. Hardy hits the Swanton off the top rope onto Kendrick and gets the three count to become the current WWE Champion. Hunter and Hardy go at it, Hardy throws Hunter to the outside. He follows high-risk on Hunter. Triple H and Jeff Hardy are out on the outside. We’re under one minute as MVP is working with Kendrick on the top rope. Electric chair off the top rope involving Kendrick, MVP, and Benjamin. Hardy hits Whisper in the Wind on MVP then a Swanton on Shelton. Hunter gets back in the ring, hits a Pedigree on MVP and gets the cover for the three count. Triple H re-gains the WWE Championship.

Winner & still the WWE Champion – Triple H

Michelle McCool vs. Maryse
Divas Championship Match

The following match is for the WWE Divas Championship. They wrestle on the mat for McCool to get a quick one count. Side Russian Leg Sweep from Michelle. Michelle flips off the middle rope and drags Maryse to the mat. On the outside, Maryse throws Michelle McCool over the crowd control barrier. Michelle kicks her in the face and goes off the barrier. Michelle gives Maryse a European uppercut in the ring. Maryse starts to counter as she works the leg of Michelle. Referee Charles Robinson checks for submission. Maryse continues to work the leg then connects on some right hands to the face of the Divas Champion.

Michelle starts to work the knee of Maryse in a counter. Michelle locks a submission hold on the mat but Maryse gets to the ropes. Maryse drives her knee into the back of the neck of Michelle McCool. Michelle connects on a hard kick to the face of Maryse. Michelle dishes out stiff right hand blows. McCool lands a stiff double leg kick to the throat of Maryse. Michelle drops Maryse face first and gets the pinfall for the victory.

Winner & still WWE Divas Champion – Michelle McCool

Mike Adamle comes out and says that CM Punk may not be able to work tonight’s World Heavyweight Championship Scramble match because of what happened earlier tonight. He says that if he can’t, he’ll find a suitable replacement.

Big Show’s music hits as he comes down to the ring. On the mic, Big Show tells the crowd ‘hi’. He says that he would like to make a suggestion to Mike Adamle – if he’s looking for a suitable replacement for CM Punk in the World Championship Scramble that he look no further than the World’s Largest Athlete. He says that even Mike Adamle would not leave him out of a Championship Scramble match like Vickie Guerrero did. He says that he is sick of the way that Vickie is running SmackDown. Big Show tells everyone to go SmackDown their vote. He then refers to the WWE Mobile text vote question and asks the fans if they would vote for him to be in the Scramble. That gets a big pop as he thanks the fans. Here comes Vickie Guerrero.

Vickie asks Big Show if he does not understand English or if he just blatantly disregarded her instructions to not cause a disruption or if it was that she would fine him or suspend him indefinitely. She says maybe it’s just because he is a big dumb giant. He stares at her as she tells him not to look at her that way. Vickie tells Show he will deal with the circumstances and for him to get out of her ring. She is cut off by a casket coming out with druids. The druids set the casket down by the ring as Big Show laughs. Big Show points to the casket. The Undertaker appears on the big screen. He tells Vickie Guerrero that he promised her that he was coming for her at Unforgiven. He says that the coffin at ringside will be her final resting place. He asks her if she’ll go voluntarily or if he’s going to come down there and grab her by the throat only for her to smell the sulfuric smell of hell.

The Undertaker’s music hits and he comes to the ring. Big Show has Vickie Guerrero by the arm to keep her from escaping. Vickie looks terrified from the ring. Vickie gets out of the ring and tries to escape through the crowd. Show stops her and puts her in the ring. Undertaker climbs the ring stairs and brings the lights up. Big Show is holding Vickie back from the apron. Undertaker walks up to her and grabs her by the throat. Big Show attacks the Undertaker. Big Show dominates but Undertaker lands a blow or two. Finally Show takes out Undertaker on the outside of the ring. Big Show continues to dominate Undertaker for far too long. The crowd doesn’t seem to buy into it. Finally they start drawing heat when Vickie Guerrero slaps the Undertaker as Big Show holds him back. Big Show helps Vickie Guerrero out of the ring as they leave together.

CM Punk (c), Rey Mysterio, Batista, Kane, JBL
World Heavyweight Championship Scramble Match

Batista is out first. John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield will start things out against Batista as he enters in his limousine. The bell rings and the final match of the night is underway. JBL applies a side headlock to Batista. Batista counters quickly and goes to work on Bradshaw in the corner. JBL sends Batista off the ropes and locks a sleeper hold. Batista counters by picking Bradshaw up and dropping him. Chop block from Batista onto JBL. Batista applies the Figure Four Leglock to JBL. He wrenches back on the hold as the referee checks for submission. Batista still has the hold locked in as his shoulders touch the mat momentarily. The crowd seems dead for this one as well, definitely not a crowd pleaser in the opening minutes. Batista is thrown to the outside. JBL sells his legs as he works on Batista on the outside.

Batista throws JBL into the steel ring steps on the outside. Batista gets back in the ring awaiting the next participant. It’s Kane… Kane gets in the ring and goes to work on Batista. He lands a right hand and whips him into the turnbuckles. Batista counters with a clothesline. Batista follows-up with a right hand. Kane whips him into the ropes again and connects a big boot to Batista’s face. Kane works Batista over in the corner with stiff rights then boots. Batista counters, using his feet to choke Batista. Kane counters with a thunderous side slam. Kane goes to the top rope but misses.

Kane attempts a chokeslam but Batista battles out and goes for the Batista Bomb. JBL gets back in the ring and takes Batista out with a big boot. JBL goes off the ropes and into a Kane chokeslam attempt. Kane gets it on the second attempt and covers JBL for a three count. Kane is the current World Champion. Kane attacks Batista in the corner, takes him coast-to-coast and he falls to the mat. Rey Mysterio is the next participant out. Mysterio goes right to work on Kane who is the current World Champion. Mysterio kicks away at the legs of Kane. Mysterio gets Kane out of the ring then gives JBL a hurricanarana. Kane gets on the apron and takes a baseball slide and nearly a 619 that Rey misses on. Kane counters with a clothesline from the apron on Mysterio. Batista goes to work on Kane, defending Rey Mysterio. Batista kicks JBL in the face, crowd still seems dead. Mysterio goes up top, he stands on Batista’s shoulders and lands on Kane.

They go for it again but Rey counters out of it and goes for a pin. JBL hits a fall-away slam on Mysterio onto Batista. JBL goes to work on the current WWE Champion Kane. JBL gets a two count on Mysterio. Chris Jericho comes out and apparently he’s CM Punk’s replacement. Jericho is noly able to make it out to the ring, selling his beating from Shawn Michaels. Kane works on Batista in the corner but out of nowhere Batista takes out Rey Mysterio then Chris Jericho. Batista hits a scoop slam on Kane then a spear on JBL. Batista gets a two count on Kane who gets a foot on the ropes. Batista gets a two count on Kane but Mysterio makes the save. Rey kicks Batista hard then drops a leg drop on JBL. Batista goes for a Batista Bomb on Mysterio but he counters. 619 from Rey on JBL.

Batista blasts Mysterio to the outside. JBL hits a clothesline from hell on Kane but Batista hits a spinebuster on JBL. Kane connects a high boot to the face of Batista. Kane goes to the top rope and right onto Batista with a huge clothesline. He goes for a chokeslam on Batista. Out of nowhere Batista spears him to the mat. The clock is ticking down below one minute as Batista hits a spinebuster. Batista pins Kane for a three count. Batista is the current World Champion. Mysterio works over Batista but Jericho sneaks a pinfall out of Kane. Mike Chioda botched the finish as he raised Jericho’s hand before time expired.

Winner & new World Champion – Chris Jericho