SPOILERS: TNA iMPACT! Tapings Results (9/4)

Below are results from tonight’s TNA iMPACT tapings that will air next week on Spike:

– Former WWE Superstar Shannon Moore was spotted watching the show from the back of the arena.

– Booker T and Kurt Angle cut promos in the ring. They agree with Sting’s comments and actions from last week. They invite Christian to join them in taking out Jarrett. Christian says no and they beat him down two on one until AJ Styles matches the save.

(1) Consequences Creed d. Sheik Abdul Bashir after the ref (Glamour Boy Shane) kicked Bashir to allow Creed to get the pin. Bashir and Shane brawled after the match.

– Sting came out and said he was suprised that no one was booing him after last week. Joe came down and tried to attack Sting with a batton but Kevin Nash stopped him. Sting then hit Joe with a Scorpion Death Drop.

(2) Christian Cage d. AJ Styles to qualify for the Four Ways to Glory match at the PPV after Frank Trigg nailed Styles with a kendo stick.

(3) Awesome Kong d. Roxxi in a Bimbo Brawl. After the match ODB and Kong brawled again.

– Sting called out Jeff Jarrett and Samoa Joe appeared in the rafters. He says JJ will be at No Surrender for sure. Jarrett’s music then hits and he is seen standing on the entrance ramp as the crowd goes nuts.

(4) Christian Cage vs Abyss ended in a no contest when Team, Booker T and Kurt Angle all got invloved. Matt Morgan made the save.

– AJ Styles challenges Frank Trigg to a match at No Surrender and he accepts.

– Taylor Wilde won the first ever Beautiful People Beauty Pageant. The Prince Justice Brotherhood were the judges.

(5) Booker T & Kurt Angle d. Matt Morgan & Abyss after Team 3D got invloved.