WWE Smackdown! Results – August 22, 2008

WWE Smackdown Report
by: Michael C. Grimaldi of www.carltonprescott.com

I’m going to try and feature an early report each week of WWE’s Friday Night Smackdown. Can’t promise how long I can keep this up, but I’ll do my best.

The show opens with a recap of what happened in the Smackdown matches at SummerSlam. We then go to the show open.

Vickie appears on the TitanTron to address the fans and the Undertaker. She says that the Vickie we have seen over the past months is not the real Vickie. The “real Vickie,” she says is benevolent. She claims she was tricked and forced into falling in love with Edge and that he changed her from the person who all the fans loved (a little revisionist history, huh Vicks?), and he put her through hell when he cheated on him; but now, he’s the one in hell and she is “free.” She followed that up with an attempt at a maniacal laugh, but it was really bad. She feels best now about her decision to reinstate the Undertaker. Then she goes on to announce the “scramble” match at Unforgiven and explains to rules. Not really a great segment and instead of coming off sounding conflicted or even just trying to mask her heel identity, she just sounded pathetic.

Maria came out for the first match of the show and as she did, we go to commercial.

Maria vs. Natalya- Match started out with the two women exchanging holds. Natalya was pretty solid in the execution of everything. They worked back and forth on each other’s arms. Towards the end of this short match, Maria did the bronco buster and then with Natalya on the apron, Maria hit her with a shoulder to the midsection sending Natalya to the floor. Maria went out to get her, but Maryse’s music hit and she came out to attack Maria for the DQ (okay, why is she getting her music played for a run in?). Natalya and Maryse double teamed Maria till Michelle McCool made her way (very clumsily) to the ring for the save.

Backstage Vickie was being wheeled around by Chavo and Bam when they came upon The Big Show who was very excited about the scramble match and getting a chance to be in it. Vickie says he wasn’t even in a qualifying match and deemed it “an oversight.” Show, reluctantly agreed that he was okay with that and walked off.

Back in the arena Show’s music plays and he heads to the ring. The battle royal is up next, and Ross is clear to point out that Show is not legally entered as they take a break.

10 Man Battle Royal: Winner goes to the Championship Scramble Match at Unforgiven- When they return, already in the ring are: Scotty Goldman (you know, he’s the same…just jewier. DON’T YELL AT ME; that’s what he said about himself!) Armando Estrada, Ryan Braddock, Super Crazy and Funaki. Show is sitting in a chair at ringside. THE Brian Kenrick w/ Ezikiel Jackson made his way out. Next out were Curt Hawkins and Zach Ryder, followed by Jimmy Wang Yang and finally Vladimir Kozlov. Goldman stuck to fighting former ROH guys Kenrick and Yang. About 5 guys teamed up to eliminate Kozlov first. Then, Hawkins and Ryder eliminated Goldman. At that point, seeing the Russian and the Jewish guy tossed, Show had World War II flashbacks and hit the ring. He tossed out Braddock first. Then, all at one time, he eliminated Crazy, Hawkins and Ryder. He then grabbed THE Brian and thew him aside with his spinning cobra clutch gimmick. Show then eliminated Estrada followed by Funaki. He pushed Kenrick over the top rope but THE Brian landed on Big Zeke’s shoulder and Zeke just held on to him. Show picked up Yang and press slammed him out of the ring and, having cleared everyone and saving the world, Show stepped over the ropes and out to the floor. Ross again pointed out that show wasn’t in the match and that the referees were conferring what to do. Zeke then placed Kenrick on the ring and he rolled in and started yelling, “My feet never touched.” Charles Robinson agreed and Kenrick was declared the winner. He did a lot of high stepping and dancing as tonight, he indeed was “the man with the plan.” Fade to commercial.

They came back and Ross and Tazz recapped the battle royal and how Kenrick became the first entrant into the Scramble match other than HHH. Ross then intro’d another R-Truth vignette and told us that R would be making his way to the Smackdown ring next week. The vignette was just a mix of clips from the previous ones with Killings talking about what “truth” is.

They showed an interview “after SummerSlam” with Eve talking to MVP. MVP said he told everyone that Jeff Hardy was going to beat himself, and now that Hardy is out of the way MVP’s only goal is to be WWE Champion.

MVP vs Festus w/ Jesse- They traded blows to start with and then Festus got rolling with a flying clothesline, a suplex and a fall away slam. MVP caught Festus coming in to the corner and threw him shoulder first into the ring post and then into the top turnbuckle. There was a small “MVP” chant. MVP worked over Festus’ arm for a decent amount of time. He hit a divorce court on the arm, headbutted the shoulder and applied a key lock. Festus tried to make a few different comes backs but after a move or two would get cut off. MVP hit another divorce court on the left arm of Festus, this time bringing the arm down on his knees. They both wound up on the outside. MVP went to piledrive Festus, but got backdropped. The ref was up to an 8 count when MVP kicked Jesse, who was seated in a chair at ringside and while MVP snuck back in the ring, Festus went to check on Jesse and got counted out. The bell rang as Festus went to go after MVP and he went catatonic. MVP checked to see if he was “there” and then hit a running boot sending Festus to the outside Winner is MVP by count out. Break.

Shelton Benjamin vs. Finlay w/ Hornswaggle- Shelton said something about being the true “gold standard” before Finlay came out. Good intensity early. Apparently the agents have amnesia, because for the second straight match, some one (in this case, Finlay) got rammed into the ring post shoulder first. Seriously, you have 4 normal matches on a show and two of them have the same transition spot? Terrible. Right before a commercial break, while Finlay was on seated on the top rope, Shelton ran at him w/ a forearm and sent Fit crashing to the floor.

Back from break, Shelton has a neck vice on Finlay. He then hits an exploder suplex and tries to follow up with “Pay Dirt” but Finlay blocks. Finlay makes his come back with some clotheslines and the seated splash. He then picks up Shelton for the Finlay/Regal Roll and hits it just as Mike Knox comes down to ringside and grabs Hornswaggle. Horny escaped under the ring, but it’s a long enough distraction for Shelton to get up and hit “Pay Dirt” for the 1, 2, 3. Knox enters the ring once Shelton leaves and nails Finlay with a big boot and a knee drop before he mounts him for a few punches. Break.

Tazz and JR recap the Michaels/Jericho incident at SummerSlam and we get a video of it.

Backstage Chavo is w/ Vickie and Bam and Chavo wonders if the Undertaker is the type to hold a grudge. Vickie says she’s going to write Taker and apology; Chavo thinks, “he has to accept that, right?”

HHH makes his way out to the ring as we take another commercial break.

The Great Khali w/ Ranjin Singh vs. Jeff Hardy- Triple H is on commentary. Hardy had his right elbow heavily wrapped under his arm band gimmicks. Jeff starts out trying to stick and move, but that only lasts so long. Khali goes to the nerve hold early but Jeff got out. Khali then went for the tree slam, but Hardy went to the eyes to prevent it. Hardy went to the top but was chopped to the floor. Hardy brought Kahli down across the ropes from the outside, got back in the ring and hit the Twist of Fate. He went to go for the Swanton but was distracted by Indian Dave Prazak…er…Singh. Khali got p and grabbed Hardy in the head vice. HHH went after IDP and and that got Khali’s attention. Khali stopped HHH from hitting IDP with the chair, but wound up eating the chair himself. Hardy then bounced up and hit the Whisper in the Wind followed by the swanton for the win. Hardy celebrates while HHH doesn’t look too please that he helped Hardy get the win. Break.

Triple H is still in the ring and he has a mic. He mentions the names of the 4 guys who he will face in the scramble match and said he realises that the rules of the match don’t favour him. He says, they need to realise that the 5th man in the match is a 12 time champion and has won every type of match in the WWE. Kenny Dykstra’s music interrupts The Game and Kenny is walking with a purpose to the ring. He enters and tells HHH that he is tired of not being taken seriously. He is about to tell us what his name is when he gets pedigreed. HHH picks the mic back up while standing over Kenny and says, “Good to see ya Kenny” and leaves.

Vickie is shown with Hawks, Ryder, Chavo and Bam writing her apology to the Undertaker. Final break.

We come back with Vickie and the Family already in the ring. She reads the apology she wrote, which basically is about how she is a great woman and how it takes a great woman to apologise and admit when she’s made a mistake. She encourages the fans to give the Undertaker a standing ovation. Takers music music and she sits back down After the long Taker entrance, Vickie pleads with him for accept her apology saying that she handed Edge to him in a match where he could extract his revenge. Taker just stares at he like she’s speaking Chinese. Vickie then gets out of the chair and on her knees to plead with Taker. Taker grabs the mic from her and bellows, “look at me woman.” The crowd pops. He says he didn’t come out here for an apology, “I cam out here…for your soul.” Vickie freaks and bails while the rest of the family surrounds Taker like he was Poland. They jump him and eventually get the better of him. Eventually Chavo goes out to get a chair, but when he goes to hit Taker with it, Taker fights everyone off, choke slamming Hawkins and Ryder and then his eyes dart all around ringside looking for Vickie, who has cowered back to the curtain. End of show.