WWE SmackDown! Results (8/15)

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WWE Smackdown: 8.16.08
-We get a long video package, highlighting the whole Edge/Vickie/Undertaker angle.

-JR and The Tazz welcome us to Smackdown, and to the ring we go!

WWE US Title Match: Jeff Hardy vs. Shelton Benjamin ©

This would be a rematch from last week, where they had a really good match that ended in a DQ when MVP got involved. They lock up and work their way into a side headlock, backslide by Jeff gets 2. A sunset flip follows for another 2. Jeff counters pay dirt, but Benjamin escapes the twist of fate and takes a powder to the floor. Benjamin back in and right to the attack, beating Jeff down. The ref backs him off, but he gets a snap mare, kicks and into the chinlock as he tries to ground Jeff. Benjamin cranks on the hold, making it look like it actually hurts for a change. Jeff manages to get to his feet, elbows out and is then slammed down and a cover for Benjamin gets 2. To the corner, knees by Benjamin connect but Jeff back with some rights. A boot, slams Benjamin to the corner and then gets a few kicks in. Benjamin stops the corner dropkick, Jeff escapes a powerslam and gets a mule kick and then the corner dropkick and covers for 2. We’ll head to commercial @ 4:25.

We are back from commercial @ 7:50 with Benjamin escaping a head scissors and getting a cover for 2. Knees by Benjamin, off the ropes and then a forearm by Jeff. Benjamin catches a kick and powerbombs Jeff to the corner! He covers for 2. A suplex and float over gets 2 for Benjamin. Benjamin now works a variation of the single leg crab, but Jeff gets the ropes to break it. Benjamin then covers for 2. Benjamin stalks Jeff and then gets the Samoan Drop (HE ISN’T EVEN SAMOAN~!) and covers for 2. Rights by Benjamin, he backs off and then lays the boots to Jeff. Jeff fires back, catches a kick but Benjamin gets the reverse spin kick and covers for a close 2! Rights by Benjamin, to the corner and backs off. Stinger splash misses, but he stops himself and Jeff gets a jawbreaker and both men are down. They make it to their feet, trade shots and then a lariat by Jeff. A whip by Jeff, reversed and he gets the whisper in the wind! 1…2…NO! Jeff sets, boot, twist of fate countered into a back breaker and a cover for 2! Benjamin grabs Jeff, off the ropes and they collide in mid-air as they both went for a cross body. Jeff up and to the apron, Benjamin leaps over him for a sunset flip powebomb, but Jeff gets a RANA onto the floor. Back in the ring they go, Benjamin begs off and then they blow a corner spot. Ouch. Jeff up top, but MVP is out and tosses Jeff off for the DQ.

Winner: Jeff Hardy via DQ @ 15:40
# I really dislike the DQ finish for the second week in a row, but it was another damn fine match. The only thing that saves me from totally hating the DQ is that Kennedy is out injured, and I can see this turning into a 3-way feud for the US Title.

-MVP misses the boot and ends up hitting Benjamin. Twist of Fate by Jeff, SWANTON to MVP! SWANTON to Benjamin!

-Vickie is backstage, scared, and someone knocks at the door. It is Victoria, who is her new friend. Vickie asks is she has seen Edge, and she also hasn’t seen him and she hasn’t seen the Undertaker. Vickie begs her to stay because she doesn’t want to be alone, she KNOWS they are here tonight.

Michelle McCool and Maria vs. Maryse and Natalya

Maria and Maryse to begin, they lock up, go behind and they break. Lock up again, and Maryse trips Maria and celebrates. Maria gets pissed and Natalya tags in. Maria gets a headlock takedown, to the corner, and a head scissors by Maria stopped and turned into a side slam. Snap suplex by Natalya, but Maria gets a roll up for 2. A slam by Natalya, to the corner and Maria fights out, crawls and gets the tag. McCool in with kicks to Natalya. A dropkick follows. Front flipping neck breaker by McCool, followed by a gut buster suplex. Natalya bails, McCool follows and brawls with Maryse. Back in the ring, clothesline to Maryse and then Natalya gets a double leg takedown and cradle for the pin.

Winners: Maryse and Natalya via pin @ 3:00
# Well kids, that was rather bad. Natalya gets the pin, which should lead to a title shot.

-THE Brian Kendrick grabs the mic and says he does what he says he will do, each and every week. He knows we all think it is because of Zeke. AND? This is what he brings to the business. By being around him he opens opportunities. Nobody brings more to the table than he does. Zeke agrees. That’s 100% ZEKE. The Brian Kendrick doesn’t care about us because he wrestles for himself. THE Brian Kendrick is the future.

-They caught up with Goldman before the match. He says he is trapped in the box, and jokes about there being two of him at the same time. Fun stuff.

THE Brian Kendrick w/Ezekiel vs. Scotty Goldman

Scotty Goldman is COLT “BOOM BOOM” CABANA! Go behind and a hammerlock by Kendrick. Goldman counters, rolls and escapes and gets a cover for 2. Leg lariat by Kendrick, and then a dropkick follows. Kicks by Kendrick, backs up and gets a charging forearm. Camel Clutch by Kendrick to HUMBLE Goldman. Kendrick releases, Goldman fires back and Kendrick takes him to the corner. Big boot by Goldman to stop a charging Kendrick, rights by Goldman, off the ropes and THE BUT BUT connects! Shades of Ice Man Parsons! Kendrick slams him to the corner, THE KENDRICK connects and that is all.

Winner: THE Brian Kendrick via pin @ 3:20
# A fun little match for these guys, short but not a total squash. Goldman showed his fun side on the short pre-match promo.

-ZEKE gets the jacket for THE Brian Kendrick and then shoulder tackles Goldman. The torture rack was better.

-Eve is with HHH. They discuss his title match against Khali on Sunday. We see highlights from last week, where HHH got a soothing head massage from Khali. HHH says last week Khali made a statement, but at Summerslam HE will make the statements. Kenny Dykstra is here, and still has a job. He says this is a huge opportunity for him. HHH says that while he admires his SPIRIT, Kenny picked the wrong day and the wrong guy tomes with.

-JR and The Tazz welcome us back, and Khali makes his way to the ring with Runjin Singh. Khali gibberish follows, Singh says we all witnessed his power as he destroyed HHH. But while HHH is great, no one is greater than the Great Khali. HHH is jus another obstacle for Khali to step over. HHH has been with WWE for a long time and has nothing left to prove, so get out with his health, pride and his title. If he doesn’t, Khali will take all of those away from him.

-HHH makes his way to the ring as Singh joins commentary.

Non-Title Match: HHH © vs. Kenny Dykstra

Dykstra on the attack at the bell, levels HHH with a right and then whips him to the corner. HHH explodes out with a clothesline, knee buster and then a clothesline. HHH slams Dykstra to the corner, but Dykstra with a boot, off the ropes and a spinebuster by HHH. Pedigree and that is all.

Winner: HHH via pin @ 1:00

-HHH and Khali talk from a distance, and HHH lays out the title as a line to cross. HHH comes to the floor and Singh says HHH is crazy, and he gets tossed into the ring. HHH threatens to beat down Singh, Khali is in and HHH attacks as he enters. Tossed down, rights by HHH and then a boot, pedigree try stopped but HHH clotheslines him to the floor and stands tall.


The Big Show vs. Ryan Braddock

Reddick is the former Jay Bradley or Bradley Jay from developmental, depending on the time you saw him. A boot by Braddock, and tossed to the floor. Back in and Show levels him. To the corner and big chops by Show. Cobra clutch spin slam by Show. The KNOCK OUT PUNCH kills Braddock, and that is all. Back to Florida son.

Winner: The Big Show via Knocking His Opponent the FUCK Out @ 1:00

-MVP is chilling backstage, grabs the mic and says that he tried to help Jeff, but now he will BERRY him! Jeff thought it was bad missing Mania, getting suspended, losing his house and dog. Well, he won’t feel a damn thing until he waked up after Summerslam. He is better than Jeff, FO SHO.

-Victoria and Vickie chill backstage. Vickie still loves Edge even though he cheated on her with Krystal II. She’s so confused and now thinks it is a bad idea to be here, and has Victoria take her to her limo.

-We get a video package for R-TRUTH! He was in prison, living the hard life, doing hard time. If you don’t live life, it lives you. That’s the truth.

-We see Victoria wheel Vickie to the limo. She goes to get in and EDGE is there! He scares off Victoria as Vickie falls to the ground. Edge says they will have fun tonight, together! He’s going to give her a little ride, a ride to hell! Edge leaps and clicks his heels in joy!

Vladimir Kozlov vs. Festus w/Jesse

The bell sounds, Festus goes bat shit and IT’S CLOBBERIN TIME! Festus with control, knocks Kozlov to the floor. He follows, and then gets tossed into the steel steps. Head butts by Kozlov, tosses Festus back in and covers for 2. PRIDE STYLE knees to the head by Kozlov, he had the hooks in and had rear mount, but then drops down and covers for 2. A bear hug by Kozlov, and then a belly-to-belly suplex connects for 2. Kozlov keeps the waistlock, Festus to his feet and escapes the hold. Rights to Kozlov, he rocks Kozlov. Sack of shit slam by Festus, followed by a clothesline and wild rights and lefts. Flying biscuit gets 2 for Festus. Bicycle kick by Festus, charging ass attack and then as he charges Kozlov gets the head butt to the chest, and that is all.

Winner: Vladimir Kozlov via pin @ 3:45
# It actually wasn’t bad at all. It was a big man vs. big man battle, Kozlov was tested more than he has and got the win. The thing I hate is that it is at the cost of one of the few tag teams on the show.

-We get a video package for Cena vs. Big Dave.

-JR and The Tazz discuss the Cena vs. Dave match, and then run down the Summerslam Card:

# World Title Match: CM Punk © vs. JBL
# WWE Title Match: HHH © vs. The Great Khali
# Hell in a Cell: Edge vs. The Undertaker
# ECW Title Match: Mark Henry © vs. Matt Hardy
# WWE IC and Women’s Title Match Winner Takes All: Kofi Kingston © and Mickie James © vs. Santino Marella and Beth Phoenix
# Batista vs. John Cena
# Jeff Hardy vs. MVP
# Shawn Michaels will make an announcement

-Edge rides Vickie around backstage and scares the shit out of her. She is freaking out in an epic way. Edge then says the ride will end when they get to the ring. BUCKLE UP!

-We get a video package on Shawn Michaels and his possible retirement. SPECULATE~!

THE MAIN EVENT INTERVIEW: Edge Takes Vickie on a Ride to Hell
Edge wheels Vickie to the ring and then dumps her onto the floor. She cries and screams a bit and Edge takes a seat on the floor with her. They are going through a rough patch, just like every marriage does. They took vows not that long ago, remember, for better or for worse. Yes lines have been crossed, but it hasn’t all been bad. There has been good times, and he wants all the people to see the good times. He wants to cuddle and grabs Vickie close. He thinks that they need to take a trip down memory lane.

We see the Edge and Vickie video that we’ve seen numerous times, including the stuff with Foley.

The video is done and Edge calls her baby, and says to relax. They lay down, and asks if she remembers what THEY did to the Undertaker. Edge demands that she apologizes to the Undertaker, to be truly sorry for what she did. Vickie says she is sorry very quietly, and Edge tells her to speak up. She does but not enough, so she screams it. Edge calls her pathetic and says that she caused all of this. The pain, the suffering in the family, it is all because of her. Hell in a Cell is all because of her. She wanted Edge to burn in hell, mission accomplished because he is. His brain is burning from the inside out. But he promises her that the Undertaker will burn in hell with him. So Undertaker, why wait until Summerslam? Let’s do this right now! Edge begs Taker to come out and says he and Vickie are ready for him. He will show him the purest form of hell that he has ever been in. And Vickie, they said the vows, other vows. It can apply to Hell in a Cell.

Edge vs. Undertaker, till death do us part…

-End Scene…