Chris Jericho Trivia

1. Who trained Chris Jericho for wrestling?

Jimmy Snuka
Dorry Funk Jr.
Killer Kowalski
Stu Hart

2. In Chris Jericho's early years who did he tag with to form Sudden Impact?

Lance Storm
Owen Hart
Chris Benoit
Rey Mysterio Jr.

3. Who did Chris Jericho defeat for the ECW TV title?

Mikey Whipreck
Pitbull #1
Putbull #2

4. Who did Chris Jericho lose the ECW TV title to before going to WCW?

Shane Douglas
2 Cold Scorpio
Pitbull #2

5. Who did Jericho wrestle on his WCW PPV debut at Fall Brawl?

Chris Benoit
Eddy Guerrero
Alex Wright

6. Who did Jericho defeat for his first WCW Cruiserweight title reign?

Alex Wright
Dean Melenko
Rey Mysterio Jr.

7. What city does Chris Jericho live in?


8. Who did Chris Jericho defeat for his first WCW Television Title reign?

Big Poppa Pump
Booker T.
Stevie Ray

9. Who did Chris Jericho defeat for his first WWF Intercontinental Title reign?

Jeff Jarrett
Chris Benoit
Road Dogg

10. Chris Jericho claims to be all of the following except which one?

The Sultan of Sports Entertainment
The Ayatollah of Rock N' Rolla
The Man of 1,004 Holds
One Bad Mamma Jamma

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