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Bret Hart’s WWE Future

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It looks like Bret Hart is no longer the General Manager of RAW after Vince McMahon made the announcement last night. WWE did an angle with an “anonymous General Manager” this week who sent Michael Cole instructions via e-mail. It appears this angle will continue next week.

Word coming out of WWE is that Bret Hart is gone for the time being. While there is talk that he might be back by the end of the Summer, he’s gone indefinitely. Not many details are available yet, but it is known that there was concern from Lloyds of London, Bret Hart’s insurance provider, after the physical angle at the end of last week’s RAW with the NXT Rookies.

Originally Bret was going to shoot a face-to-face angle at the Fatal 4 Way pay-per-view with the NXT Rookies, but when he didn’t make it to the show, plans had to be changed.

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