Impact Wrestling Results (2/1): New Champion Crowned, Big Upset In Knockouts Division, Matt Sydal

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What are you most looking forward to on tonight’s

— Impact (@IMPACTWRESTLING) February 1, 2018

– We kick things off with a mystery man walking towards the building for tonight’s show. We’re back to a four-sided ring in Impact.

– Recap of some of last week’s matches: EC3 vs. Matt Sydal, Allie vs. Laurel Van Ness, Moose vs. Lashley, and Alberto El Patron vs. Johnny Impact vs. Eli Drake for the Global Championship, Drake was able to retain in this one.

Matt Sydal vs. Fallah Bahh (Impact Grand Championship)

Before the match gets going, backstage, Sydal says he has a special spiritual adviser and now everything in falling into place for him. Sydal trying to out power Bahh early, but that’s not working out so well. Couple kicks by Sydal, but he gets a punch to the face and then a headbutt. Sydal tries for a sunset flip, but is smart enough to quickly slip out of that. Sydal with a hurricanrana and then a low drop kick and then kicks to the chest. Bahh with a big clothesline and he sends Sydal into the turnbuckle.


— IMPACT (@IMPACTWRESTLING) February 2, 2018

Sydal continues to try and keep Bahh grounded as he works the legs. Bahh is up, goes for a leg drop, misses, Sydal with a standing moonsault, pin, two. Sydal lands a big strike to Bahh’s face, up to the top, double knees, pin, two-count. Sydal misses a running kick, Bahh with a running crossbody that flattens Sydal, ouch. Sydal tries to head up and leap, but gets caught in a samoan drop. Bahh calling for his roll and flattens Sydal’s entire body, pin, two.

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Bahh heads up to the second rope, but Sydal is able to kick him off and down all the way to the floor. Bahh back in the ring, Sydal goes up top, Bahh follows. Sydal tries for a float-over powerbomb, nope, Bahh tries for a drop, misses, Sydal hits the shooting star press, pin, 1-2-3.

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Winner: Matt Sydal via Pinfall to retain the Impact Grand Championship

– Eli Drake and Chris Adonis head into the arena, Drake will have a celebration in just a bit for winning his big match last week. Also, KM vs. Lashley later.

– Backstage, Trevor Lee and Caleb Konley are talking and Konley is stressing because Lee doesn’t have the title anymore. Lee says don’t stress because he’s a thinker and says he has a lot in store for the both of them, not just himself.

KM vs. Lashley

Lashley getting the best of KM early, corners him and throws a couple haymakers. Clothesline has no impact, KM taunts, kick to his stomach worked, as did a flatliner. Lashley already looking for a spear, KM dodges it and Lashley goes right into the ring post. “Who sucks now?” yells KM, crowd responds “You do!” as we go to break. KM able to get Lashley down, goes for a pin, two. “That was three, ref!” KM yells in frustration. Lashley gets sent out to the floor, KM with a shaky looking flip over the top rope, clearing out Lashley. KM picks up his opponent and tosses him into the steel steps.

Once @fightbobby connects with the Spear there is only going to be one outcome. #IMPACTonPop

— IMPACT (@IMPACTWRESTLING) February 2, 2018

KM taunting the crowd a lot, misses a splash into the ring, Lashley with a clothesline, pin, one-count. Spinning power slam by Lashley, pin, two. Vertical suplex, Lashley goes for the spear, knee to the face. Full nelson slam by KM, pin, two. Lashley back up, finally able to hit a spear, pin, that will do it.

Winner: Lashley via Pinfall

– 2 weeks ago, we see Kongo Kong destroy Chandler Park in a match.

– Outside, Joseph Park is on the phone with his Grandma Jenny and asks how Chandler is doing. Jimmy Jacobs and Kongo Kong show up, hang up the phone, and Jacobs says he wants the monster Abyss to come out. He wants it next week, because he’s a princess and princesses always get what they want.

And @JimmyJacobsX gets what @JimmyJacobsX wants.

— TDE Wrestling (@totaldivaseps) February 2, 2018

– Still outside, Laurel Van Ness being a hot mess as she heads to the ring.

Just your usual Thursday night with

— TDE Wrestling (@totaldivaseps) February 2, 2018

– Backstage, Lashley says for months he’s had to decide from MMA or wrestling and he says he’s going to focus on both. Eddie Edwards is nearby and says “What’s up big man?” Lashley just walks away.

Laurel Van Ness vs. Kiera Hogan (Non-Title Match)

This is Hogan’s debut on Impact, Laurel works the arm right off the bat. Laurel with a slap to the face, pin, two. Laurel does some yelling as she chokes Hogan on the second rope. She throws some light kicks at her grounded opponent. Elbows in the corner, Laurel charges in and hits a splash, tries for a pin, two. Hogan gets sent into the top, middle, and bottom turnbuckle, cover, only two.

.@HoganKnowsBest3 making her #IMPACTonPOP debut tonight

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.@HoganKnowsBest3 looking to upset the Knockouts Champion on her first night! #IMPACTonPOP

— TDE Wrestling (@totaldivaseps) February 2, 2018

Hogan finally dodges a charge from Laurel and lands some punches to Laurel’s face, kick to the head, pin, two. Hogan heads to the top rope, Laurel stops her though and throws her down to the mat. Curb stomp, Laurel yells a bunch of non-sense, goes for the unprettier, but Allie comes down for the distraction. Hogan rolls up Laurel for the victory.

.@ImChelseaGreen is going to put her foot down…

— TDE Wrestling (@totaldivaseps) February 2, 2018

.@ImChelseaGreen hasn’t been pinned in IMPACT since last June but @HoganKnowsBest3JUST BEAT THE KNOCKOUTS CHAMPION ON HER DEBUT!

— IMPACT (@IMPACTWRESTLING) February 2, 2018

Winner: Kiera Hogan via pinfall

.@HoganKnowsBest3 scores a huge win in her #IMPACTonPOP debut… with a little help from

— TDE Wrestling (@totaldivaseps) February 2, 2018

– Post-match, Allie and Kiera celebrate while Laurel yells at them.

– Mystery Man shown again as we go to break.

– Backstage, McKenzie Mitchell talks with Alberto El Patron and EC3. Alberto goes first saying he’s the real champion and doesn’t have to prepare himself for anything especially the guys he’s facing. Alberto says he should just be in the main event, he hasn’t forgotten about Eli Drake. EC3 jumps in and says to follow his lead, because the main event runs through him. Alberto says the same, they both shake hands with some hesitation as EC3 heads off.

– LAX head to the ring, Konnan on the mic, says they are like the blue pill and always stay hard, alrighty then. He calls oVe some not so nice names and says they are still ready to fight anywhere if needed. Out comes oVe. They get in the ring and face off with LAX, Callihan on the mic after tapping it on his head about ten times. Callihan says they hate everyone including the fans and LAX, but they respect LAX after all the matches they went through. He says the two sides need to stop though because someone is going six feet under. Callihan then says they will come for the titles when they want in 2018 as they have bigger fish to fry. Konnan goes to say one more thing on the ramp as Trevor Lee and Caleb Konley jump LAX from behind and attack the group with a lead pipe and kendo stick before bailing to the back.

– Backstage, McKenzie talks with Moose and Johnny Impact about their main event match against EC3 and Alberto. Moose says it’s a new year, we’ve got a new all-star team, and jokes about Johnny’s numerous names. Johnny then calls Alberto and EC3 some dumb names, talks in Spanish, and sends it back to Moose.