Elias On Getting A Bigger Reaction On The WWE Main Roster, Working With John Cena, Chris Jericho

Elias spoke to the Baltimore Sun about getting a bigger reaction on the main roster, Chris Jericho, and working with John Cena. Here are some of the highlights:

What it’s like working with John Cena:

“That’s where you want to be in the WWE. John Cena has been the franchise for so long. In the ring across from John, you know you have a lot of eyes on you. As a performer, that’s where you want to be as far as I’m concerned.”

Running into Chris Jericho at RAW 25:

“Well, I gotta say that the guy who really annoyed me on Monday Night Raw, Chris Jericho. He shows up, he wants to make some sort of claim that scarves are gimmick infringement. Though if you go back and look, I was wearing it long before him … but that’s OK. But then he pulls out a guitar and tries to play a song. So I’d definitely like to get in the ring with him. Something about the way that interaction went down on Monday rubbed me the wrong way.”

Getting a bigger reaction from crowds on the main roster compared to his time in NXT:

“You know, I’ve heard that. In fact, I’ve heard Triple H himself say that in interviews, that Elias is maybe made for Monday Night Raw. But I can remember very clearly times in Full Sail where I’d sing songs and I couldn’t hear myself sing because the crowd was so loud for it. So it’s definitely an interesting dynamic, that’s for sure, being on Raw and hearing the way the crowd interacts with me. So I don’t know if that’s how I’d describe it, but I’m on Raw now and I’m doing my thing.”