LaBar: Experience Of Being In Manhattan Center For WWE RAW 25 And Missed Opportunities

In the Chair Shot Reality video above, I give my reaction to being in the Manhattan Center for RAW 25. Some good, some bad and do I regret paying that amount of money to be there?

I felt there certainly were some missed opportunities. Here’s a list of a few realistic changes I feel would have helped the show.

Utilizing both venues at the same time for an in-ring promo segment

One of the most famous moments of RAW was the conquering of the competition WCW. The famous night of Vince in one ring on RAW in Cleveland with Shane in Florida for WCW will forever live on. Anything to pay homage to that would have been well received. Whether it was Shane or Stephanie at the opposite location, Eric Bischoff, Paul Heyman or even Triple H.

Have a fight that extends to both venues

Again, take advantage of the gimmick of two venues in one night. It gives off the appeal of WWE taking over. There was a lack of hard sell to the upcoming Royal Rumble. Imagine having the dominant monsters of Brock, Braun and Kane start an interaction in one location and finishing it in the other. Not only does it give both venues the chance to see these talents in person, but it would give off the feel they fought all through New York City.

Have Jimmy Fallon In The Ring

Jimmy Fallon is on top of the late night television genre right now. Having him in the ring with Elias and the guitar would have increased exposure for the show the next day on the news cycles. Fallon is so known for musical skits from his show or dating back to SNL, it would have made a lot of sense. WWE also seems keen on Elias with his momentum in booking, it would have been good exposure for a rising star in the company.