Possible Big RAW Spoiler

PWInsider is reporting that former WWE Divas champion Paige will finally be returning to WWE TV next week.

Although early plans had her penciled in for her to return on the Smackdown brand, WWE will instead have her return to the Raw roster, where she had been originally drafted during the 2016 brand split but never actually appeared post-Draft.

People they spoke to believe that Paige will somehow end up on the Raw Women’s team at the 11/19 Survivor Series in Houston, Texas. Bayley vs. Mickie James vs. Dana Brooke has been announced to fill the position of the fifth competitor of Team Raw this Monday for Raw in Atlanta. It’s possible Paige is added to make it a four way or WWE runs some other sort of angle to have Paige replace one of the members of the team.

Paige has not competed for WWE since the summer of 2016, when she was suspended for the first of two infractions under the WWE Wellness Policy. Since then, she has undergone neck surgery and has been recovering. Recently she has been training at the Performance Center, getting ready for her return.