The Rock Updates from Skyscraper Set, Birdie Joe Does the “Yes!” Chant, Brie Bella, WWE Stock

– Above and below are new videos from Brie Bella. The top video features Brie giving an update on her Birdiebee clothing company with sister Nikki Bella while the video below features Brie and daughter Birdie Joe watching SmackDown General Manager Daniel Bryan on SmackDown in Seattle this past Tuesday. Birdie does the “yes!” chant.

– WWE stock was up 0.35% today, closing at $22.62 per share. Today’s high was $22.63 and the low was $22.30.

– The Rock has less than 20 days of filming left on the “Skyscraper” thriller that comes out on July 13th, 2018. Below are some of this recent posts from the set. It seems like Rock has really upped the behind-the-scenes social media posts for this movie compared to other recent films he’s worked on.