Details on “Flashback Friday” Content on WWE Network

The WWE Network will be airing classic programming as part of the “Flashback Friday” series this Friday. This week’s edition will look at the Goldberg’s 20 year anniversary. Here is the content that will be airing:

WCW Monday Nitro – Sept 22nd, 1997 (3 PM EST/8 PM GMT)

“The battle for supremacy between the New World Order and WCW continues on this episode of Nitro. Jeff Jarrett faces Curt Hennig and more.”

WCW Monday Nitro – Oct 13th, 1997 (5 PM EST/10 PM GMT)

“Diamond Dallas Page battles Curt Hennig in the main event. The Steiner Brothers face Scott Hall and Syxx. Eddie Guerrero battles Psicosis.”

Raw Flashback – Oct 17th, 2016 (7 PM EST/12 AM GMT)

“Goldberg returns to answer Brock Lesnar’s recent challenge. Seth Rollins battles Chris Jericho. Plus, Bayley, Sheamus, and more in action!”

Monday Nitro Top 10 (9:30 PM EST/2:30 AM GMT)

“DDP hosts this very special countdown, as we take a trip down memory lane and relive the Top 10 moments in the history of WCW Monday Nitro!”

Monday Night Wars (10 PM EST/3 AM GMT)

“Bill Goldberg rises from relative obscurity to become WCW’s most dominant homegrown talent.”