GFW Impact Results – 9/7/2017

Eli Drake arrives at the building with Chris Adonis, and in another location, so does Matt Sydal! What will happen when they both get to work? While they both HAVE a place to go to work??

Sonjay Dutt & Petey Williams vs Trevor Lee & Caleb Konley

It’s all babyfaces to start for an extended period, with the heels unable to get almost any offense in. Petey and Sonjay hit stereo “Oh Canada” groin smashes in the corner, and then Petey briefly winds up in peril. That doesn’t last long before the hot tag to Sonjay, and then the babyfaces rally to a Canadian Destroyer from Petey and a springboard splash from Sonjay finishes it.

Winners: Sonjay Dutt & Petey Williams

Good opener! Josh was bagging on Desintation America on commentary during this match. Yes, this company is in a much better place now.

Tag Team Champions LAX vs Two Guys

oVe is backstage watching this match with masks on the side of their heads as LAX squashes their opponents. Yakuza kick/Tower of London (Guadalajara?) could have finished it, but they keep beating these poor saps up before hitting the Street Sweeper for the academic win.

Winners: LAX

Just a squash. oVe comes out to the top of the ramp and Dave says LAX calls themselves family, but he and Jake have been tag team partners since birth. They are the best tag team in the world, and they’re going to prove it by taking those titles. Konnan says he didn’t quite catch their name, he thought it was ovaries, and he doesn’t know what meth lab they crawled out of, but they set the terms, so they can bring their asses to CRASH in Tijuana, and they’ll find out what these two fruit roll-ups are all about. Dave says that’s fine because it’s Ohio VS Everything.

We look back at last week when Taryn Terrell beat Allie up backstage, and that leads us right into our next match…

Taryn Terrell & Sienna vs Gail Kim & Allie

Gail quickly winds up on the losing end of an exchange with Sienna, then Taryn tags in, smashes Gail’s head into the mat a few times, and tags Sienna back in.Sienna continues dishing out punishment, then draws Allie into the ring while Taryn chokes Gail from the apron. Taryn jumps up and down and begs for the tag, gets it, and hair whips Gail to the mat before hitting a rolling neckbreaker. She gives Gail little pats on the cheek before tagging Sienna back in, Gail counters a powerbomb to a flying headscissors, and she tags Allie in to connect with a series of clotheslines and a Codebreaker to Sienna. Allie hits an Acid Drop on Sienna for 2, she tries going to the top, KM holds her ankle to prevent her from coming off the top, but Braxton Sutter goes after KM and they brawl to the back. Allie comes off the top with a crossbody, but Sienna rolls through and gets the pin with a handful of tights.

Winners: Taryn Terrell & Sienna

Taryn and Sienna attack Allie after the bell, Gail tries to make the save and gets beat up too, and then Rosemary runs in to clean house on both women as Jeremy Borash alludes to what happened with Sexy Star in Mexico. Sienna and Taryn get the advantage on Rosemary as well, but before they can do any more damage…HERE COMES TAYA VALKYRIE! She makes a grand, majestic entrance (and is kind of taking her time for a run-in to make the save), and she goes face to face with Sienna before predictably attacking Rosemary and drilling her into the mat with a double chickenwing facebuster.

We see a video package of Eli Drake cutting promos on all his top challengers.

Jim Cornette comes out to the ring to put over the competition in GFW, and says that if he were a betting man, he’d put it all on Matt Sydal walking out with the GFW Global Title tonight. Johnny Impact comes out to the ring, and Cornette asks what’s on his mind. Impact says he wants the winner of tonight’s title match, and he respects Matt Sydal, doesn’t respect Eli Drake, but he’d be happy to take either of them on. He’s the AAA Champion, and he’ll prove he’s the best when worlds collide. Low Ki comes out to the ring with LAX, and Cornette doesn’t like this 5-on-1 thing. Konnan says he’ll make it 5-on-2 if Cornette doesn’t shut up, and he doesn’t know what kind of white privilege is going on here, but he’ll prove Impact is as irrelevant as his AAA Title. Cornette says he’s not being discriminated against, and Low Ki is in line just like everyone else is in line. Low Ki is livid, and asks where Impact has been, and tells Impact to look him in the eyes: this isn’t WWE or Lucha Underground, it’s Global Force, BITCH! Impact has had enough and goes after all of LAX, but predictably winds up on the short end of that until security comes out to separate everyone as Cornette tells LAX to get out of here before he suspends them all.

We come back from commercial, and Jim Cornette says he’s had it, and if Low Ki and Johnny Impact want to kill each other, it can be next week in a #1 contender’s match.

We look back at last week when Grado and Joseph Park found out Laurel Van Ness is Canadian, and then we go to this week as Park tells Grado that he knows this will be hard, but Laurel being Canadian not only doesn’t solve his problem, it actually makes it worse. Grado steels himself and tells Laurel the wedding is off, and it’s not her, it’s him. Grado tells her not to be sad, but Laurel says she’s fine as we hear crazy music playing while she has another breakdown inside. Grado says it’s great that she’s fine, and high fives her. He walks off, and she starts smearing her makeup all over her face again.

We go to footage from Mexico City when GFW was at Triplemania. I hope nobody takes it personally if I don’t recap this whole thing, it’s mostly promos and teeny clips of in-ring footage. We get comments from several GFW folks, including Jeff Jarrett, who was not tossing tortillas to the crowd in this segment.

We come back from commercial, and we’re still talking about what happened at Triplemania.

Eli Drake and Matt Sydal are backstage, and they’re…WARMING UP! They’ll face off for the Global Title tonight!

We’re back, and it’s…MORE TRIPLEMANIA! We finally get to the Rosemary-Sexy Star stuff, which mostly focuses on Jeff Jarrett getting into a backstage argument with what’s left of La Parka. Then poor Jeremy Borash has to try and rationalize it as just tensions getting high, but that it was mostly an awesome trip! 😀 Jeff Jarrett puts over how awesome the relationship between GFW and AAA is and how bright their future is.

Tired of video packages yet? Well, TOO BAD! Here’s one of Desmond Xavier, talking about his training and time in the military.

But wait…THERE’S MORE! We see a package of Pagano coming to GFW, and also of Eddie Edwards becoming the first ever gaijin to win the GHC Title. The main event will (allegedly) be up next!

Just kidding! Another video package, this time it’s Garza Jr talking about his uncle Hector.

McKenzie Mitchell finds Richard Justice backstage and asks what he’s doing here, and Justice says he’s hurt, but can’t let himself miss another opportunity.

ANOTHER video package! This time it’s Matt Sydal’s road to his title shot tonight, including his big win over Bobby Lashley.

And with that, it’s…(FINALLY) MAIN EVENT TIME!

GFW Global Title Match: Eli Drake vs Matt Sydal

Feeling out process to start, but Sydal uses his speed to get a few quick rollups for some near falls. Sydal continues to use his speed to outmaneuver Drake, but Drake catches him on a top rope crossbody, rams him into the corner, and begins unloading with hard hitting offense. Drake with a nice snap suplex for 2, but Sydal connects with a leg lariat, a shotgun dropkick, and a standing moonsault for 2. Drake distracts the ref while Adonis grabs Sydal’s leg from the floor, Sydal hits Adonis with a baseball slide, but Drake pops Sydal into the air and hits a bodybag for 2 as we go to commercial.

We’re back, and Drake is still in firm control. He teases using a chair, then tells the ref he was just kidding. Gotta love Drake. Drake dodges a corner charge and hits a neckbreaker for 2, then chokes Sydal in the corner before hitting a catapult into the bottom rope. Sydal gets a hope spot by slipping out of a powerslam and ramming Drake into the post on the floor, but Drake quickly regains the momentum. Finally Drake goes to the second rope and Sydal catches him with a leaping Frankensteiner for 2. Sydal unloads with a series of kicks that floor Drake, then he goes to the top and…gets caught. sydal fights Drake off and hits meteora for 2. Adonis is livid on the floor, and slides the belt into the ring before going to the other side of the ring to slide a chair in the ring. The ref gets rid of the chair and Drake grabs the belt, but Sydal drives it into his face with a high knee and covers for 2. Sydal goes to the top, Adonis gets on the apron, Sydal dives into Adonis and lays him out, but the ref gets distracted escorting Adonis to the floor as Sydal heads back to the top, and this time Drake catches him with the belt and hits the Gravy Train for the win.

Winner: Eli Drake

Great match, and if guys of this caliber got this kind of opportunity on Raw, it would be huge.

Next week: we go to Tijuana for LAX vs oVe, and also Johnny Impact faces Low Ki for a shot at the Global Title!

Source: PWInsider