Bobby Roode Works Dark Match, Big WWE SmackDown Feud Explodes, Sin City SmackDown

– Tonight’s WWE SmackDown saw the feud between Kevin Owens and SmackDown Commissioner Shane McMahon explode after Shane attacked Owens. Following a back & forth between the two on the mic, Owens mentioned how Shane’s family, especially his kids, would have been better off if he didn’t survive the recent helicopter crash that he was in. That led to Shane attacking Owens and brawling over the announce table with him. Owens later told SmackDown General Manager Daniel Bryan that he was going to sue Shane, WWE and every member of the McMahon family, turning SmackDown into The Kevin Owens Show. Owens also mentioned taking out criminal charges on Shane. Below is video from the in-ring segment:

– The dark match before tonight’s SmackDown in Sioux Falls, South Dakota saw Bobby Roode defeat Mike Kanellis with a Glorious DDT.

– As noted, next week’s SmackDown from Las Vegas will see Naomi get her title rematch from SmackDown Women’s Champion Natalya. The show will have a Sin City SmackDown theme, as seen in this graphic for the match: