Sasha Banks Opens up on her Short Women’s Title Reigns, How it Hurt her Confidence, More

Former Raw Women’s Champion Sasha Banks appeared on the Sam Roberts Wrestling podcast to talk about various topics. Here are the highlights (h/t Wrestling Inc):

On repeating losing the women’s title after winning it hurting her confidence:

“I’ll be honest about something. I’m a three-time RAW Women’s Champion, right, which is awesome. Within a whole year, I’m a three-time Women’s Champion, which, to me, is a lot. I am a three-time two-week holder of a championship, so that took away my confidence so much.”

On WWE booking her to repeatedly lose the title quickly:

“I thought, ‘okay, I lost it the first time.’ Then, when I won it back, I was like, ‘okay, maybe I can show them that I can keep it for longer than two weeks.’ And I don’t know. Was it something with me or do they just want to keep [flip-flopping] I don’t know. So the last reign, I wasn’t used the Monday night and the following week, Charlotte closed out RAW, cutting a promo on her father. I run out and get beat up by Charlotte. And then, the following pay-per-view, which was an iron woman match, I tapped out with one second left, and went to overtime, and tapped out. So to me, you’re telling me I couldn’t hold out for one more second not to tap out? But then I still lose. It’s stuff like that that really brought down my confidence levels, like maybe there’s something wrong with me and they don’t see me as a champion or legit they wanted to have all these title changes and they wanted people to talk about it.” Banks added, “but then, in my last run, I was like, ‘okay, I have two more weeks till the pay-per-view, I might lose, I might win. I have no idea.’ And those things, I didn’t find out till the day of, the night of.”

“I just want to show to myself that I can do it and I can show to the company that I can be a champion for more than two weeks. And I want to be going down in history as the greatest women’s champion of all time because I’m already going down as the greatest women’s wrestler of all time.”