Joe Koff Comments on Adam Cole’s Decision to Leave ROH for WWE

Ring of Honor COO Joe Koff recently with Josh Barnett of USA Today about former ROH World Champion Adam Cole’s decision to leave the promotion and join WWE. Here are the highlights:

On Adam Cole leaving ROH for WWE NXT:

“Do I feel any more because he left? I feel the same when anybody leaves,” Koff told USA Today. “It always makes me feel like we did a good job on our part. This is something that Adam really wanted to do –and Bobby did and Kyle did and Kevin Owens before them – I’m all for their happiness. If they can fulfill their happiness in their roles, then I’m all for it.”

On the talented stars that ROH produces:

“I really believe this to be case, Ring of Honor has raised the level of professional wrestling in the last three or four years,” Koff said. “We are a community of wrestlers. We are company that people want to work for. We have huge stars … These are not guys no one knows. These are people who everyone knows, especially the smart fans. That says a lot about Ring of Honor. We can look at the NXT roster, or the roster at Impact or even the RAW and Smackdown level and we’re well-represented in that. Some of their biggest stars actually come from my program and I’m proud of that.”