News on Tonight’s Episode of Ballers, Shinsuke Nakamura Featured on WWE Fury

– The second episode of season three of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s HBO show “Ballers” will air tonight. Here is the synopsis and trailer for tonight’s episode:

“In Las Vegas on business, Spencer (Dwayne Johnson) gets reacquainted with Chloe (Serina Swan), an old flame now working for Wayne (Steve Guttenberg), while Ricky (John David Washington) challenges the odds in a game of dice. Set up by Joe (Rob Corddry) to represent top running back Kisan (Kris Lofton), Jason (Troy Garity) ends up sweating it out in a tough neighborhood. Charles (Omar Benson Miller) gets a public-speaking primer from Julie (Jazmyn Simon); Vernon (Donovan Carter) and Reggie (London Brown) make a risky endorsement deal.”

– WWE has uploaded the latest episode of WWE Fury to their YouTube channel. The video features 14 Kinshasas from Shinsuke Nakamura. You can watch it here: