AJ Styles Confirms his Role on Southpaw Regional Wrestling

The current WWE United States Champion AJ Styles recently revealed on the Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast that he would be a part of Southpaw Regional Wrestling, which airs on YouTube. He also revealed his role on the show. Here is what Styles had to say:

“I just did something recently that is on the top of my list of very funny things, Southpaw Regional Wrestling. Oh my God, they’ve got a new sponsor for the next season, so, he’s a big sponsor. He’s the biggest sponsor they’ve got, he’s a car salesman. Yeah, big sponsor in Louisiana. He does, he does have a name. Are you sure you want me to spoil it right now? You want the name of the guy? Okay, Malibu Al. Yeah, it’s going to continue to run man. It’s going to be a great new season.”