Jinder Mahal Discusses Growing up a Bret Hart Fan, WWE’s Schedule, More

WWE Champion Jinder Mahal recently talked with SLAM! Sports about various topics. Here are the highlights.

On Bret Hart:

“I was born in Calgary, big-time wrestling town, you’ve got the Harts, home of Stampede Wrestling. Wrestling when I was growing up was very, very popular, obviously, Bret Hart was every child’s hero. I grew up with Bret as my hero. I think everyone could relate to him because he was a great underdog, he was a great role model, even in the city.”

On WWE’s Schedule:

“Right now in my career in WWE, our schedule is so grueling, wrestling night after night, plus travelling … (paying my dues) prepared me for that and in a way, paying your dues does give you respect for the business because that’s important. I think some people come into this business from other avenues of life and think that it’s going to be easy. ‘Oh, I’ll just become rich and famous and it’ll be a cake walk’, it’s far from it.”

On his first WWE tryout:

“The first tryout I got was actually in Calgary, I was extra talent and we had a chance to get into the ring there. Jamie Noble was watching, some of the other producers were there ringside, Johnny Ace (and others). I was just too nervous and I couldn’t perform, I actually got really, really tired because I was very nervous. When you’re nervous, I was very stiff and they kept me in there for like three matches in a row and I was completely out of breath, it wasn’t good.”