New WWE Story Time, Jimmy Uso – Naomi Total Divas Bonus Clip, Fans on The Streak – Survivor Series

– This Total Divas bonus clip features Naomi talking to Jimmy Uso about her trip to the site of the PULSE night club terror attack:

– WWE has a new poll asking fans which was more shocking – Brock Lesnar ending The Undertaker’s Streak at WrestleMania 30 or Bill Goldberg destroying Brock Lesnar in 86 seconds at Survivor Series 2016. As of this writing, 63% went with the Survivor Series squash match.

– A new episode of WWE Story Time will premiere on the WWE Network after Monday’s RAW goes off the air. The synopsis reads like this:

“It’s another round of road stories! WWE Superstars and Legends paint unique pictures of unforgettable moments when traveling near and far.”

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  • Cm crybaby

    What is this fucking shit¿? Why i hate those dumbass fake fans. Who don’t really follow wrestling. Taker’s streak ending was the most shocking thing ever. Real wrestling fans are still pissed about it ending. All the Brock vs Goldberg was a huge let down of a match.

  • The truth

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  • Cm crybaby

    Coming from a fake fan like u. I bet u think the Brock vs Goldberg more shocking as well. I aint crying just pointing out real wrestling fans are still mad about the streak u jackass. And yet 63% voted for a meaningless match really¿?

  • The truth

    I don’t watch fake wrestling period. You are the idiot talking about it? Fake fans? Fake sport? One in the same child.

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