American Express Files Lawsuit Against TNA Over Unpaid Bills

F4WOnline is reporting that American Express Travel Related Services Company is suing TNA for unpaid bills.

The suit was filed in the Supreme Court of New York state earlier this summer on July 20th. American Express claims nonpayment of $269,049.50 in travel-related expenses. They claim that TNA used their American Express Corporate account to charge various items and then never paid AMEX.

AMEX also claims that TNA agreed to payments on the receipt of monthly billing statements and to pay court costs if the case went to court. It’s also claimed that the agreement included TNA would have to pay all reasonable costs when it came to AMEX collecting what they were owed, including delinquency fees and finance charges.

AMEX is asking for $269,049.50 as well as all legal costs to be paid.

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