Bill DeMott’s New Book Out, Jericho Predicts WWE Tough Enough, SummerSlam

– Chris Jericho is predicting that Andy will win tonight’s WWE Tough Enough finale. He wrote on Twitter: “Looking forward to the season finale of Tough Enough tonight! I’m giving theedge to Andy….”

– WWE has announced that the 2011 SummerSlam Axxess will take place in Los Angeles, California from August 13th–14th at the Nokia Plaza at LA Live. Tickets go on sale Saturday, July 9th at 10:00 a.m. PT. Tickets are $20 for General Admission and $75 for the VIP Package which includes a meet & greet with Superstars and more. SummerSlam Axxess will feature live matches, Superstar appearances, Q&A’s, airbrush tattoos and more. This year’s sponsors are the National Guard, Mattel, Twix, Skittles, Topps, Syfy, mun2, Telemundo, and Time Warner.

– WWE Tough Enough trainer Bill DeMott’s new book is now available at “The Last Laugh” is priced at just $19.99 and will ship autographed by DeMott for a limited time only. Here is an excerpt from the book where DeMott talks about WWE buying WCW:

“Nobody knew anything until the night of March 26 when we were booked to wrestle in Panama City, Florida.
Johnny Ace, who was an agent with WCW at the time, called and told us to be there early for a pre-show meeting. As Chavo and I walked through the backstage area, we noticed some of the doors had WWF signs and WWF names on them. We didn’t put it past WCW doing that to work us over, so we weren’t sure what it all meant, but it sure started a buzz. The guys who normally talked and discussed things might have known something, but nobody was saying much of anything. Everybody simply went straight to catering and waited for the “meeting” to begin. The whole crew was there: workers, referees, and agents.
The funniest thing about the whole setup was that most of the guys came into the room with their typical “who cares” attitude … until Pat Patterson, Shane McMahon, Jerry Brisco, Johnny Ace, and Bruce Prichard all walked into the room. All of a sudden, they were sitting up straight and paying attention. You could have heard a pin drop. Most of the guys sat there with a look of “What the fu—?” on their faces, and there wasn’t a person in the room who didn’t pay strict attention when the WWF brass began talking and explaining how things were going to work.
Everybody knew there was a chance they might be losing their jobs. The ones who sweated it out the most were the guys who had burned a bridge with Vince McMahon(especially when WCW was on top and they tried to shove it up Vince’s ass). The guys with talent knew they would likely be hired by the WWF because they could be useful to the company, but for the most part, the guys who were “on top” were the most uncomfortable because they knew it was going to be almost impossible to topple people like Steve Austin, the Rock, Undertaker, Triple H, and Kurt Angle from their spots.”