Ring Rust Review: Edge

I was going to write an article on how bad Wrestlemania was however with the departure of Edgefrom the WWE I decided to write about how good Edge was. Now for the record I was never a big “Edge-head” he was far from my favorite wrestler. That said I do have a great deal of respect for his body of work, he has won multiple tag and single titles even being half of the tag team champions with Hulk Hogan. I also respect Edge for making what had to be the hardest decision in his life and that is to give up wrestling. As much as he loved the business he loved not being handicapped more, he is able to walk away. Others are not as far sighted at Edge, Hulk Hoganwas recently rumored to be returning to the ring for another match risking his already injured back, this serves no purpose other than getting him more hurt. HBK was able to pull it off several years ago due to his relatively young age at the time and the fact that he was around fifty to sixty pounds lighter which was less stressful on his back. Austin also took the high road with this neck, he set a standard for himself and if he could not perform to that standard he would quit and he did. I think Austin’s decision played a part in Edge’s. Good for Edge and good luck.

Now the majority of the fans and wrestlers are saddened by the news of Edge’s retirement and rightly so, I’m sure Edge had a lot of fans in and out of the business, even old enemy Matt Hardywas classy in his comments. However there always has to be some stupidity to go with it. Comments from Hogan saying that wrestlers don’t listen to doctors and work hurt or that guys like him and Flair would have been gone a while ago if they listened to doctors. That is an odd statement coming from someone who can barley walk, yes there are wrestlers who wrestle hurt look at the Undertaker he wrestles hurt all the time, it is his choice but he will also have to live with the consequences. We are also talking about different types of injuries, taking a bump that can cause you to loose feeling from the neck down is not an appealing proposition regardless on how much you love your job, sometimes your body tells you it is time to go, take the hint.

Wrestling fans especially the internet wrestling fans also took the high road, with praise and thanks to the “rated R superstar”. However some just don’t know when to keep quite, looking at various sites I have seen everything from calling Edge weak to wishing is injury and possible paralysis to other less popular wrestlers. First walk a mile in the man’s shoes then call him weak, most people would have wanted their mommy a long time ago. Second wishing a crippling injury on anybody his not cool, there are people I hate to the point I want to beat them up most of us do but nothing that extreme. I know the age range of the fans varies and a lot of those comments are made by immature morons but some should really feel ashamed. It is however the nature of the beast and everyone has a right to their opinions.

Edge has had many great moments in the ring from awesome Wrestlemania matches to TLCmatches and beyond. He spent most of his career in a WWE ring which is tough to do and he also has the rare distinction of retiring with the title. Edge is a lock for the WWE Hall of Fame whenever they decide to induct him. Again thank you to Edge for putting your body on the line to entertain me and thank you for knowing when to leave. Until next time let’s watch.