GCF Impact Raw – December 8, 2010

GCF time everybody! Welcome everyone to another edition of Impact Raw. Last week, Matt Morgan became the new Number One Contender for the World Heavyweight Championship. Also, we found out three competitors who will be competing in the King of the Ring tournament. Tyler Black qualified by beating Ted Dibiase, Dolph Ziggler defeated Shannon Moore with a lot of help from Kenny Dykstra, and Desmond Wolfe qualified by luckily pinning a stunned Jesse Neal. King of the Ring will be on December 19, 2010. Any ideas, comments, or ideas, email me at [email protected] Let’s begin.

The Nassau Coliseum goes ballistic as the fireworks go off; they know that it’s time to start the show! Uniondale, New York is the home to Impact Raw tonight, and they seem pretty excited that we are here tonight! Michael Cole welcomes us here and introduces himself and Tazz. Cole talks about last week, particularly the KOTR qualifying matches and Matt Morgan becoming the Number One Contender for the World Heavyweight Championship. They also talk about the brawl between The Army and The Angle Alliance last week. After Rhino betray the Army at Survivor Series, the Army retaliated with the recruitment of Hernandez into the group. We still have no word from Eric Bischoff or Jeff Jarrett about what they plan on doing about this continual war. They discuss this and then announce that the first match of the night will happen right away, and it will be a King of the Ring qualifying match!

King of the Ring Qualifying match

Mark Henry vs. Santino Marella

Henry is out first, and he looks a little happier than usual, and for that he gets a mixed reaction. Henry comes down to the ring, warming himself up for this big match. The winner of this match will face Desmond Wolfe in the King of the Ring tournament at King of the Ring on December 19. Henry slides into the ring, and puts his hands up for the crowd. Santino is out next to a huge loving reception from the crowd. Santino walks down the ramp, with a look of fear. Santino pints to Henry and we can almost see a tar run down his cheek. Marella cautiously slides into the ring, and hides in his corner. The bell rings, and Marella teeth start the clatter. Henry starts moving towards Santino, and Marella tries to run around the ring from him. Henry eventually catches him and clotheslines him down. Henry throws Marella into the corner, runs at it, and splashes the helpless Santino in the corner. Marella falls to the mat, and Henry runs against the ropes. Henry gets to the fallen Santino, jumps, and splashes on top of him! Henry runs against the ropes once again and splashes him again! Santino is flattened on the mat, and Henry scoops him back up. Henry gets him in position, and holds him there for about fifteen seconds before slamming him down with the World’s Strongest Slam! Henry covers Santino, and gets the easy One, Two, and Three. Mark Henry is going to King of the Ring.

Winner- Mark Henry

Henry celebrates to a loud mixed reaction, until he is brought down by a chop block from behind by Desmond Wolfe! The chop block sends Henry to his knees, and Wolfe takes advantage by hitting him with a huge lariat! Wolfe leaves the ring and walks up the ramp mocking Henry. The commentators talk about the very quick match and the attack afterwards, while Wolfe leaves the arena. Henry is stirring in the ring as we head to the back.

Todd Grisham is there for his weekly interview. “Ladies and Gentlemen, my guests at this time, the GCF Tag Team Champions, Chris Jericho and Christian. Guys, I understand you took the week off last week to celebrate your huge win at Survivor Series? Is this true?” Jericho responds, “Of course we did you idiot! We got the Motor City Machine Guns suspended, and since we are never going to lose these titles, they will be suspended forever!” Christian follows up with, “Yeah we did party, but that doesn’t mean that we attacked Sabin. I mean Chris and I are gentlemen. We don’t attack people. We know that we can beat the Guns, and it was just a misfortune that we couldn’t face them in a fair match.”  Todd nods and then asks, “One more question guys, which one of you will be entering the King of the Ring tournament?”  Both men give him a confused look, before Jericho says, “What do you mean Todd? We’re both entering the tournament!”  Todd replies, “Actually, only one of you are allowed in the tournament. So which one of you are going to enter?” At the exact same time, both men say, “I am!”  Grisham walks away, while the tag champs argue over who will enter the tournament.

Back in the arena, it is time for another King of the Ring qualifying match.

King of the Ring Qualifying match

John Morrison vs. DH Smith

The next match is between two fan favorites who really want their shot in the KOTR match. Morrison is out first to a really loud loving response from the crowd. Morrison comes out in his signature slow motion way. Morrison walks down the ramp, but stops in front of a young fan. Morrison takes his glasses off and gives them to the fan, smiles, and continues up the ramp. Morrison gets into the ring, and is continually cheered by the fans. DH Smith’s music hits now, and the fans give him a lesser, but still good reaction. Smith comes out and gets the crowd pumped up for the match. Smith walks quickly to the ring, and Morrison warms up in the ring. Smith hasn’t been seen since he was injured by Beer Money Inc before the Tag Title Tourney, but he is back now searching for a possible spot in the KOTR tournament. Smith gets in the ring, and the bell rings. The two shake hands in the middle of the ring before locking up. Smith gets the upper hand and pushes Morrison into the corner. Morrison is able to get out of the corner, and push Smith into the corner. Morrison unloads on him with vicious kicks to the chest, and after a few kicks, backs away and gets the crowd fired up. Morrison turns back to Smith, who runs at John and hits him with a surprise clothesline! Smith covers, One, Two, kick out at two. Smith pulls Morrison up by his hair and lifts him up with a suplex. Smith holds him up for about thirty seconds, before slamming him down! Smith covers Morrison, One, Two, kick out. Smith puts Morrison in an arm submission, but Morrison quickly gets out of it by kicking Smith in the face. Smith backs away holding his face and Morrison quickly hits him with a running dropkick. Both men are on the ground, trying to regain themselves. Morrison is up first, and measures the dizzy Smith. Morrison jumps up on the second rope, and executes the Flying Chuck! Morrison covers now, One, Two, kick out! Morrison quickly gets up, and pulls Smith in front of the corner, and screams to the fans that it’s time. Morrison jumps up to the corner for the Starship Pain, but Smith moves out of the way! Morrison crashes down, and Smith quickly covers John, One, Two, Morrison kicks out right before three!! Smith can’t believe it, but nonetheless he picks Morrison up. Smith puts Morrison on his shoulder, and sets him up for his signature running powerslam, but Morrison slides out of it and rolls Smith up!, One, Two, Smith counters into a pin of his own, One, Two, Morrison rolls out of the pin! Morrison quickly runs against the ropes while Smith figures out where he is in the ring. Smith gets up in a sitting position, and is rocked by a vicious kick! Morrison covers again, One, Two, Smith kicks out! Morrison argues with the referee, but then turns back to the rising Smith. DH gets back to his feet, and Morrison goes for the Moonlight Drive, but DH holds onto the ropes, and Morrison slams down. Smith jumps on top of Morrison for a cover, One, Two; John puts his foot on the ropes! Smith looks at John’s foot, and pulls Morrison to the middle of the ring. Smith goes down to pin, but Morrison catches him with a possum pin! One, Two, kick out again! Both men get to their feet, but Smith is able to kick Morrison in the gut. Smith lifts Morrison up for his signature stalled suplex, and holds him up for ten seconds, before Morrison reverses and gets in front of Smith! Morrison grabs Smith’s neck, and executes a perfect Moonlight Drive!! Smith is out, and Morrison covers, One, Two, Three!

Winner- John Morrison!!

What a great match! Morrison wins and he barely can get to his feet to celebrate, and the commentators are very excited about that great match. Morrison celebrates in the ring, before sliding out and high fiving fans. We will find out who Morrison will face in the tournament later tonight in the main event. We cut to the back where Edge is talking to Jeff Jarrett.

Edge says to Jarrett, “Listen Jeff, I know that Morgan has Bischoff on his side, but there is no way in hell I am losing this World Title. I am the best superstar in GCF, so I deserve this damn title.”  “I’m not going to argue with you Edge. You are great no doubt, and you need to know that I am on your side. At King of the Ring, I will be in your corner. I know for a fact that Morgan will have Eric in his corner, so this should even things up. Where is Morgan by the way?” Jarrett is answered by Eric Bischoff, who was listening the whole time. “I gave Matt the night off to train. He has really stepped it up this past week. If I were you Edge I would watch out.”  Jeff says, “I knew you would do this Eric. You want to make sure your guy doesn’t get a little boo boo, so I already have arranged a match for him next week. Matt Morgan WILL defend his TV Title, and to make sure his opponent doesn’t get attacked or fired by YOU, Edge will pick his opponent!” Jarrett laughs in Eric’s face, while Edge walks away with a smile.

Back in the arena, the commentators talk about the huge match made for next week. They discuss the GM’s hatred for each other along with the huge title match at King of the Ring. They announce that Tommy Dreamer has challenged Spike Dudley to a match, with the Hardcore Championship on the line, to prove his so called dominance of the Hardcore division.

Hardcore Championship

Tommy Dreamer© vs. Spike Dudley

Dreamer is out to his usual boos. Tommy has his Hardcore Championship strapped around his waist, and ignores his fans on the to the ring. Tommy rubs his title, and smiles. Dreamer legitimately believes that he is the greatest Hardcore Wrestler who has ever lived. After his amazing victory over RVD at Survivor Series, who can argue with him? Dreamer slides into the ring, and raises his Hardcore Title in the air. Spike Dudley’s music hits now, and the fans give him some cheers. The smallest Dudley runs down to the ring, looking very excited about this opportunity. Dudley slides in, only to be immediately wrecked with a vicious shot from the Hardcore Title from Dreamer. Dudley is out, but the referee is forced to ring the bell. Dreamer taunts to the fans, who are booing like crazy. Dreamer walks over to Dudley and stomps him, but Dudley is already hurt bad. Dreamer rolls out of the ring, and looks underneath. Dreamer pulls out a steel chair and a Table. Dreamer slides both weapons into the ring, and then gets in himself. Dreamer sets the table up slowly, while Spike is still out on the mat. Tommy picks up the chair and starts smacking Spike with it. Shot after Shot to the back, Spike has nothing else to do but take it. After about twenty vicious shots, Dreamer throws the Chair down. Tommy picks Spike up by the neck, and quickly drops him back down with a DDT onto the steel chair! Dreamer laughs at Spike, but screams that he isn’t done. Dreamer picks Spike up again, and puts him on his shoulders. Tommy walks over to the table, and points to it. Dreamer drops Spike through the table with the Dreamer Driver! Spike is completely out, and Dreamer is about to go for the pin, until he hears RVD’s music. Dreamer stands and gets ready to fight RVD. Van Dam runs down with a steel chair, and slides in the ring. RVD ducks underneath Dreamer’s clothesline, and then nails Tommy with a steel chair! RVD jumps up to the top turnbuckle, and gets ready for the Five Star Frog Splash! RVD jumps, but Dreamer luckily moves out of the way. Dreamer kicks the stunned RVD out of the ring, and quickly covers Spike, One, Two, Three.

Winner and Still Hardcore Champion- Tommy Dreamer

Dreamer grabs his title, rolls out of the ring, and sprints up the ramp. Dreamer stops at the top of the ramp and stares at RVD in the ring with a very worried face. Dreamer runs to the back and Van Dam checks on Spike in the ring. The commentators talk about what happened, and how RVD almost cost Dreamer the Hardcore Championship. After RVD helps Spike out of the arena, Cole and Tazz talk about how Barrett and Orton will be out of action until after KOTR thanks to Jay Lethal. They talk about how Lethal has a KOTR qualifying match up next, and discuss the match. They hype it up, until Lethal’s music is heard, signaling that the main event is up next.

King of the Ring Qualifying match

Jay Lethal vs. Hernandez

Lethal comes out first to a whole lot of boos from the crowd. Lethal comes down to the ring with a very serious look on his face. Lethal has a huge task ahead of him, as Joe’s Army member, Hernandez, was hand chosen by the Army to represent them in the KOTR tournament. Lethal slides into the ring and stares at the fans and Hernandez comes out next to an amazing reception. Hernandez jogs down to the ring, slides in, and begins to fight with Lethal right away. The bell rings, but Hernandez is already all over Lethal. Hernandez is pounding away on Jay, attacking him from all over. Hernandez picks Lethal up and body slams him back down, and then repeats the process. Hernandez then throws Lethal out of the ring. Hernandez stalks Lethal while he is on the outside. Lethal gets to his feet, and Hernandez jumps over the ropes, right onto Lethal! Hernandez tosses Lethal back into the ring, and then gets in himself. Hernandez climbs up to the top turnbuckle, jumps, and connects with a diving splash! Hernandez doesn’t even bother going for a pin, he seems like he is having too much fun with Jay. Hernandez gets Jay up to his feet, and picks him up into a Border Toss position! Hernandez smiles as he holds Lethal up with ease, and walks around the ring. Finally, Hernandez tosses Lethal, and Jay hits the referee!! Hernandez accidentally throws Lethal with the Border Toss right into the referee!!! The ref is down, as Hernandez covers Lethal, but there isn’t a ref! From the back, we see the whole Angle Alliance run down to the ring! Hernandez tries to fight the off, but Shelton is able to surprise him with a Paydirt! Hernandez is down, and Swagger quickly lifts him up and executes the Gutwrench Powerbomb!  All of the members stomp down on Hernandez, until the Army’s music hits! The whole Army, Samoa Joe, Big Show, Evan Bourne, and Kaval sprint down to the ring to fight off the Alliance. They have a huge brawl in the ring, while Hernandez and Lethal are out lying next to them. The Army throws the Alliance out of the ring, and the fight continues outside of the ring. The ref is coming to, and Lethal is able to drape his arm over Hernandez, One, Two, Three! Lethal steals one!

Winner- Jay Lethal!

Lethal rolls out of the ring, and sneaks right past the Alliance and Army. The fight is still going outside of the ring, as Lethal retreats to the back. The commentators freak out over Lethal’s win and how he pretty much stole it from Hernandez. The commentary team eventually wish the fans watching a good night, and say that they will see them next Wednesday for Impact Raw! The final shot is of the Alliance and the Army continuing their fight on the outside of the ring.