TNA Re-Signs Four More Talents

TNA announced that they have re-signed Abyss, Rosemary, DJZ, and Al Snow to contracts:

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  • Ted

    Wow, I wouldn’t be bragging about resigning these four because lets face it, they ain’t high caliber main event stars. Seeing how this is TNA though, it doesn’t surprise me. They have to resign as much people as they can become their roster is so thin, mostly with wwe rejects but that’s nothing new. All their main stars are always going to be wwe rejects

  • Fred GWO

    Teddy what are you talking about you told me and tommy a while back you came on three out of four from this list! We know you are GWO and get off on buff men oiled down and fake fighting in the ring.

  • Nick

    This GWO thing is pretty stupid. Not creative, and not worth paying much attention to.

  • Nick

    So you make up friends now? Also new names, to make it seem like there’s more then 1 or 2 of you? Lol pathetic

  • Truth

    GWO, huh? Pretty sad….pretty sad, indeed.

    YES, the little girl is making up friends, nothing new there.

    YES, she probably likes dicks and is gay so that is not a stretch…pardon the pun.

    YES, she is ignorant and immature, so that is why she acts like she does.

    YES, she has NO friends and will not have any either because she is too ignorant.

    So, wwe sucks, or tna rules or aviator or crybaby or fuckface or any other stupid name you want, I am talking directly to you little girl-

    You are not funny, you are not clever, you are not cute, you have no insight and don’t understand basic concepts, trying to explain things to you is like talking to a chair, the chair is a better audience, though.

    Go away little girl, most people have already been ignoring you and the rest need to follow suit, you think calling someone gay is the ultimate insult????

    You really are a pathetic loser who is not worth ANY amount of time, so keep making up screen names and talking to yourself, because those are the only friends you will ever have…..

    tna & your mom = SO SAD!!!!!!

  • The truth GWO

    Can I suck WWE SUCKS! Dick? Please cum on my fat stretch mark stomach to match my lips please!

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