Ryback’s Very Interesting Pre-Extreme Rules Tweet, Why Fans Chanted for Cody Rhodes on the Pre-show

– Ryback, who is currently off the road with WWE due to a contract dispute, made this interesting tweet tonight:

– As seen on the WWE Extreme Rules Kickoff pre-show tonight, fans were chanting for Cody Rhodes at one point. The “Cody” chants began when wife Eden entered the ring to do the announcing. As noted, Cody is now gone from WWE after being granted his release.

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    Yeah, but all the idiots on this site say, that none of these guys leaving the WWE will ever go to TNA. There are other places they can go to, don’t you know? Well I don’t think Ryback can make it any clearer than that, about where he wants to go, after the WWE finally releases him. Probably by later this week. I’m not a huge fan of Ryback, but that’s because his WWE gimmick sucks, so hopefully TNA can rebrand him, and pick up another dropped ball by the WWE once again. LOL!

  • cm crybaby

    Dropped ball? Him cody,wage,&sandow. All low card talent. Just like that drew but heavy weight champ in that garbage promotion.


    HA! HA! HA! So now there all low card, not even mid card, no low card. All 3 were loved, and said to be the future of the WWE by the IWC. But now they leave the WWE, and they automatically suck, right? Typical WWE Fanboy. You’re staring to get on my nerves again. I thought we came to a truce, but no, you’re a bigger bitch than ever. LOL!


    Did I mention how much of a piece of shit I really am. I’m just a pathetic TNA Fan-Fuck who knows absolutely nothing about wrestling. LOL!


    HA! HA! HA! Knows nothing about wrestling? I have probably been watching wrestling longer than you have been alive, and when I say wrestling. I mean all wrestling, not just the WWE like you Fanboys on here only watch. I have watched everything from WWE to WCW to ECW to World Wrestling AllStars to TNA to ROH to NJPW to AAA to LU to CMLL, and even the small Indy promotion PPW lately. So don’t fucking talk to me about not knowing wrestling. No you just don’t like the fact that I’m a real wrestling fan, and don’t live in the WWE bubble with you. So you can’t handle that someone would dare criticize the precious WWE.

    You need to wake up to reality. All these guys are asking for their release at the same time, for a reason. So who’s next? Ziggler? Cesaro? R Truth? Tyler Breeze? Fandango? Who else that’s being held down will snap, and say fuck this shit, I don’t need the WWE ruining my career anymore. I can go elsewhere, and not have to be a painted up goof, or made a laughing stock dancing fool comedy acts. Who’s next to ask to be released? We may get more by the end of this week. LOL!

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