TNA Reportedly Re-structuring Contracts, Backstage Talk on Sale Negotiations and Dixie Carter, More

TNA officials are restructuring contracts for most of their key talent, so that the company can control all of their bookings. This could be related to the expected sale of the company with the idea of having everyone under exclusive deals gives them more asset value.

TNA also began offering significant money deals to wrestling stars who are not with the company, something they were doing several months back.

As far as negotiations for the sale of the company, officials are being very quiet. Apparently some talents have asked questions as to why the deals are possibly being restructured but nobody is really giving answers and no one is being told the status of the sale.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter adds that at least one person was told when everything the sale or pursuit of a new investor is all said and done, Dixie Carter and John Gaburick will still be in control.

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Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter




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    Now Davey Boy Meltzer is saying, that TNA is locking up talent to new exclusive deals for more money. So one week the parasite is reporting that TNA is dead broke, but now a week later, all of a sudden they’ve got tons of money to sign exclusive deals. You can’t make this hypocrisy up. It’s unbelievable how people believe this moron. Just to be proven wrong every time. LOL!

    He even contradicts himself in this supposed report. If Dixie is expected to stay in control of her own company, than she is obviously not selling TNA, so why do they keep saying, that TNA is being sold? She is looking for a strategic partner, which is what TNA said from the start. But of course good old Davey Boy had to make up the worse case scenario, to lie, and spread his anti TNA propaganda. Why was there never a post on here saying how wrong he was, by claiming the Harris Bothers would own TNA in days, and that was weeks ago? Ryan Satin destroyed his stupid story, and that was never posted here either. You biased fucks just report the made up lies, that’s why. I can’t wait for the obligatory “Low Morale” story that is sure to come soon. LOL!

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