How Was TNA Impact Wrestling Viewership for Sacrifice?

– This week’s TNA Impact Wrestling episode, featuring the annual Sacrifice theme, drew 332,000 viewers.

This is up from last week’s 312,000 viewers, the previous week’s 286,000 viewers and the 272,000 from the week before that.

Last week’s show ranked #107 on the Cable Top 150 and this week’s show ranked #91.

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    The ratings went up 3 straight weeks in a row, after they moved the the replay to Saturday morning, just like I said they would. Of course it wasn’t report here, but last weeks total viewers was 360,000. More importantly though, this weeks #91 in the Top 150 is the new highest ranking, since the move to PopTV, and is way up from last last weeks #107. The 332,000 viewers this week is also the 2nd highest first airing on PopTV, only behind January 26st 339,000 viewers.

    Plus this was all accomplished with the NBA & NHL Playoffs, and the US Primaries as big competition on the night, and it was still way up in both the ratings, and the Top 150 rankings again for 3 weeks in a row. But according to the idiots on this site, ratings going up for TNA is somehow a bad thing, and ratings going down to new 19 fucking year lows for the WWE is fine. Talk about delusional as fuck! LOL!

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