WWE Superstar Reveals New Business Venture, Update on The Rock’s Filming

– The Rock noted on Twitter that he wraps “Baywatch” this week and will start filming “Fast and Furious 8” in four weeks.

– R-Truth revealed on Twitter that his own clothing line is in the works. He wrote:

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    Seeing how well the UK Ratings Chart went down last week, let’s do it again this week!

    Since everyone loves to talk about the WWE’s ratings being so much better, than TNA’s ratings in America, as you can see here. IMPACT’s ratings are more than double as much, as the WWE’s two major shows combined in the UK, with IMPACT at 138,000 viewers VS the WWE at 136,000 viewers combined. So like I said last week, TNA really does beat the WWE’s combined shows most of time and in the UK, TNA ratings actually dominates the WW’E’s ratings there. LOL!

    UK RATINGS: Week Ending April 17.

    Impact: (April 12) 138,000 viewers. (#1 on Challenge for the week!)
    RAW: (April 11) 102,000 viewers.
    SmackDown: (April 14) 34,000 viewers. (This is just embarrassing!)

    So SmackDown actually lost almost half it’s viewers in one single week. Going from 64,000 viewers last week, down to a embarrassingly low 34,000 viewers this week. #THEMOREYOUKNOW!

  • T

    Funny that tna is on a free channel wwe on a subscription channel


    How is that funny?

    Nobody gave a site when TNA was on Destination America, which was a paid subscription channel not on basic cable, so it’s the exact same thing in the UK. It’s not TNA’s fault, that their channel has more UK households. Isn’t that a good thing? So that’s the WWE’s problem not TNA’s, as better ratings, are better ratings!


    TNA getting better ratings than WWE? Hahaha, what a joke. You just keep getting dumber and dumber by the day. I dont see TNA getting 3 million viewers a week, so get your facts straight jackass


    In the UK, you fucking obsessed with me, moron. Can you not fucking read? Wipe Vince’ cum out of your blind WWE Fanboy eye’s. LOL!


    Im not talking about the UK cocksucker. Im talking about America only. Get dixies nasty cum out of your blind TNA fanboy eye’s. LOL!


    And your point is?

    Nobody is disputing that the WWE gets more ratings than TNA in America, so It’s like you’re arguing with yourself, like a crazy person. You seem to think I can’t admit, that the WWE is bigger than TNA. I know they are, but they’re ratings in the UK are not bigger than TNA’s, and you can’t admit that, so who’s the blind Fanboy here. Here’s a hint, it’s YOU, ya obsessed BITCH! LOL!

  • you are an idiot

    No one cares about ratings in the UK dipshit. Great they are higher congratulations. Want a fucking medal or how bout you explain why every wrestler worth watching in TNA jumped ship, or how half the roster would do the same if WWE gave them a . Quit posting irrelevant shit because you think its important. Fucking tool. Its assholes like you that give wrestling fans bad names and why the mainstream wont take it serious. Grow the fuck up little boy.


    Your the obsessed BITCH and a blind TNA fanfuck. LOL!

  • TNA sucks

    Buddy, shut your mouth no body cares about what you have to say. TNA Sucks, there is nothing good about it. End of story.

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