Matches for Tonight’s TNA Sacrifice Event (Video)

– Tonight’s TNA Impact Wrestling episode will have a Sacrfice theme to it. A preview is above and matches scheduled are below:

* Eli Drake interviews BroMans in his “Fact of Life” segment

* Mike Bennett vs. Ethan Carter III in a No DQ Match

* Bram vs. TNA King of the Mountain Champion Eric Young

* The Decay vs. TNA Tag Team Champions Beer Money

* Tyrus vs. TNA World Heavyweight Champion Drew Galloway

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    What shitty matches those are. Just about all those are wwe rejects but that’s nothing new from this shitty company. Can’t wait until Vincent Kennedy Mcmahon grabs TNA by the throat and squeezes the life out of this shitty company. All Hail Vincent Kennedy Mcmahon!


    Better card than Payback!

    But that’s really not all that hard, seeing as how Paybacks Main Event is just a TNA reject, jobbing to Roman Reigns. AJ will never win the WWE Title, because Vince will never put over someone, who he didn’t create. But keep dream though, you WWE Fan-Fucks, because I can’t wait to see you all crying like the BITCHES you are, when Roman wins on Sunday. LOL!

  • Nick

    Go back to mommy’s basement and go fuck your brother with a little dick. Stupid mofo fool

  • Nick

    Hey stop it we can all get wet over these buff stud men! You see rybacks muscle back? Oh wow man I want to lick the shit out of his corn hole.

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