Is John Cena Really Cleared to Wrestle?, Backstage Update on Shane McMahon vs. The Authority

– We noted this past Monday in London that there was talk of having the Shane McMahon vs. Stephanie McMahon and Triple H feud kick off. That obviously didn’t happen but the feud is still in the works. The latest word on the feud is that it will kick off in early May but the date isn’t definite.

– John Cena stated during WrestleMania 32 Week that he was officially cleared to return to the ring but there’s talk within WWE that Cena wasn’t actually fully cleared like he claimed, he was just cleared enough to do the angle with The Rock and The Wyatt Family. The Observer noted that Cena is rumored to be back full time in May but just a few weeks ago it was July.

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    So they’re going to keep up this shitty storyline, about Shane running RAW for no good reason, for weeks to come? What will the excuse be next week? Steph, and HHH got sunburned on their vacation last week, so they can’t run RAW like they are suppose to.

    Because Shane lost at WM32, so he has no really reason to be running the show, other than bad creative writing every week. The shows are no different than they always have been, and the ratings are tanking, so why the fuck is Shane good for running RAW? This story make no sense any way you look at it. It’s just one big cluster-fuck every way that you look at it.


    Blah, blah, blah, if you don’t like what the WWE does, then go cry somewhere else like the fag that you are. Go jack off to your TNA posters you little fag. Lol

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