Stephanie McMahon, Jim Ross, RVD, Chavo Guerrero and Others on Chyna Passing Away

– As noted, former WWE Women’s Champion Joanie “Chyna” Laurer was found dead at her Rodondo Beach, California home on Wednesday. She was 45. The cause of death is still unknown but we will keep you updated.

Below are reactions from the wrestling world:




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  • cm crybaby

    That was thought full of Stephanie.

  • The ClawMaster TNA

    She called this death! She always said VKM & HHH wanted her dead…. “Heart attack” right oh ya fuck you lil Nicky small …… Too damn easy yo


    “That was thought full of Stephanie.”

    Thoughtful? That was the very least, that this vile bitch could of did, after her, HHH and her father ruined this poor women’s life. She stole her fiance, and her career. Now she give her the respect that she deserves, but it’s a day too late. Why couldn’t she do this when the women was alive? It’s nothing more than disingenuous phony sympathy, to capitalize on this poor women’s death, just like I said the WWE would do. What a disgusting company!

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