TNA Sacrifice Matches Announced for Next Week, New Leader of the TNA Knockouts Division Named

– As seen on this week’s TNA Impact Wrestling episode, Maria Kanellis won a Ladder Match against several other Knockouts to take control of the division as their new leader.

– Next Tuesday’s Impact episode will be the annual Sacrifice episode. The following matches have been announced:

* Ethan Carter III vs. Mike Bennett in a No DQ Match

* The Decay vs. TNA Tag Team Champions Beer Money

* Bram vs. TNA King of the Mountain Champion Eric Young

* Tyrus vs. TNA World Heavyweight Champion Drew Galloway

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  • Truth

    Sorry your show sucks……..

    tna & your mom = SO SAD!!!!


    HA! HA! HA! My show, since when has it been my show? I was unaware that I owned TNA now. Did I get it from them owning me a payment, or something idiotic like that? Did Davey Boy Meltzer feed you that made up rumor too? LOL!

    Last nights show was awesome! That main event I Quit match with Jeff Hardy doing a Swanton Bomb, off the top of the Impact Zone unto Matt Hardy putting him through two tables, was phenomenal. It put Shane’s planned stunt on a crash-mat, under the announce table at WM32 to shame. Speaking of putting things to shame, this Sacrifice card puts the WM32 card to shame as well, but that really wouldn’t be all that hard, now would it? LOL!

    Seriously, if you haven’t see what Jeff did on last nights show, than watch it here:


    I did watch it last night and the show sucked. Jeff’s swanton had nothing on Shanes jump from top of the cell. Stupid TNA fanfucks are so retarded Lol

  • Nick loves cocks The ClawMaster

    Hey STFU sounds familiar huh? Bro that impact was better then WM this year… Nick you mad because TNA don’t grease down their wrestlers looking like they going to fuck instead of wrestle… Bro you gay… Jus saying


    Seeing as how everyone loves to talk about the WWE’s ratings, being so much better in America, than TNA’s ratings on here. As you can see though, TNA’s IMPACT ratings are almost as much, as WWE’s two major shows combined in the UK, at TNA 147,000 VS WWE 161,000. Which on some weeks when IMPACT get between 165,000 to 180,000 viewers, TNA actually beats the WWE’s combined shows most of time, so in the UK TNA’s ratings dominates the WW’E’s ratings. LOL! #THEMOREYOUKNOW!

    UK RATINGS: Week ending April 10

    Impact (April 5) #1 on Challenge for the week 147,000 Viewers.
    RAW (April 4) Post Wrestlemania 98,000 Viewers.
    Smackdown (April 7) 63,000 Viewers.


    “I did watch it last night and the show sucked. Jeff’s swanton had nothing on Shanes jump from top of the cell. Stupid TNA fanfucks are so retarded Lol”

    Yeah, I’m sure you watched the show last night, so if you think TNA is so fucking shit, than why would you watch it? What else happened on the show? Who was the Main Event? Who won the Knockouts ladder match? Who won the KOTM Title? Who did Rosemary take hostage? Who did Josh Mathews make out with. How many of these are real, and how many are made up BS? If you watched the show, than you would know. LOL!

    If you think that Jeff Hardy doing a Swanton Bomb from 30 to 40 feet in the air, down unto a hard stage, where he put his brother through two tables is not better than Shane’s planned stunt, of falling straight down off of the 20 feet high HITC, and landing on a crash-padded mat, that was hidden under the announce table. Than your either totally delusional, or semi retarded. Either one works for me. So you don’t know shit about good wrestling high-spots VS planned Hollywood stunts. LOL!


    Blah, blah, blah. Little girls like you no nothing about wrestling. You always say TNA is so much much better than the WWE, then why don’t TNA have their own network? Why don’t they put video games out? Why don’t they get 3 million viewers a week? Because they absolutely suck, that’s why. So shut the fuck up and quit being a retard because everyone on here knows your a retard anyway. Lol

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