CM Punk Reunites with Living Colour, Update on New Roddy Piper Book (Photo), Natalya Bonus Clip

– This WWE Total Divas bonus clip from this week features Natalya showing pictures from home to her new male model friend she met in Paris:

– As seen below, Roddy Piper’s wife tweeted out the cover art for the new book written by his kids that comes out in October:

– CM Punk and Cliff “Domino” Compton attended the recent Living Colour concert in Louisville, KY. The band posted this photo:

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  • Marc Middleton

    PSA: I’m so sorry guys, that my site is so shit!

    But I almost lost it when our hard-drives in my mom’s basement, (where I live) got flooded, because I was too busy jacking off to pictures of Vince in Muscle & Fitness, to notice that it was happening. I finally got the money to get a new computer, after selling my WWE action figure collection, and by donating my blood & sperm for money. Both of which just goes to waste anyways, because I’m a man-child with no life, or no partner to use my sperm on. I promise I will try to do better, and report things fairly, instead of posting lies that were proven wrong days ago, and made to look like the fool I am.

    Again, I am sorry for being such a loser fuck up. I will try to do better from now on.

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