TNA Receives Cease & Desist Letter from Indie Wrestler Over Crazzy Steve and The Decay

– TNA received a cease & desist letter last month from Ohio indie wrestler Justin Carnes, who wrestled under the name Krimson (an evil clown) and has actually worked for TNA as an enhancement talent, in regards to the Crazzy Steve character and The Decay stable, according to PWInsider. Carnes has also worked under the name Conrad Kennedy III.

Carnes claims that elements of Steve’s performance have been lifted from his work as Krimson, including Steve’s mannerisms, costumes, face paint and the red mist. Carnes also says he created a stable called “Dead Wrestler’s Society” in 2010 and Steve ripped that idea off in TNA.

The cease & desist asks TNA to stop all usage of the copyrights Carnes claims to own, and asks that the company acknowledge in writing that they will comply by April 6th, which was Wednesday. It also noted that Carnes may pursue legal action if TNA doesn’t comply.

No word yet on what TNA plans to do but their legal team has the letter. Steve has been with the company since 2014 and is the current TNA Tag Team Champion with Abyss.

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    HA! HA! HA! Is this guy nuts?

    Since when can you copyright a wrestlers characteristics, and mannerisms? Unless TNA called them the exact same name that he used, which they didn’t, than he can’t tell them to stop doing shit. Does his moron know how copyrights work?

    This idiot tried to sue TNA over Joker Sting year’s ago, he didn’t win then, and won’t win now. If painting your face, and being a evil clown in copyright-able, than hello the WWE would of did decades ago, with evil Doink the Clown. LOL!


    Oh, and I just found out, that Crazzy Steve has been doing this gimmick since 2003 on the indies, Which predates this guy doing a Heath Ledger joker character rip-off in 2010, by almost a entire decade.

    So this guy is just a bitter washed up has-been wrestler, who never made it to the big time, so he is trying to make a quick buck with frivolous lawsuits against TNA like with Joker Sting, and he even tired to sue TNA for Crimson, because his name was Krimson. Does this fool not know, that he needs to copyright things, because he can sue? I hope TNA sues him, for wasting their time. LOL!

  • Nick

    TNA probably needs the maybe 10000 they’d get from him it’d probably double their budget

  • shooter

    Who is this NUTBAR?

  • Nick

    Also I would like to point a cease and disist order doesn’t mean he’s suing them lol.

  • Fk

    Can TNA just cease and disist altogether ?

  • Mr. PrimeTime TNA Truth (The Claw)

    Nick gets too damn scared as hell to hack off to them! He don’t like Manson music and thier scary look it makes his little dick go in his stomach and his balls too. Jus sayin bro

  • Fk

    Oh look tna has another idiot and he makes really clever little dick and jerk off jokes #vintagelosertnafan

  • Nick

    What? Lol try to make sense idiot.

  • Nick

    I don’t like Charles Mansons music it sucks. The dick attack, I’m not even getting in to that. I know your talking about Maralyn, but I’m going to stick with Charles. Sorta like if you want to make sense, you should stick to that, rather then stating nonsense. It just shows your opinion really doesn’t matter. I bet your IQ is sub 100 lol

  • Nick

    It’s interesting that you said hack off. Do you hack off your penis? Maybe a gender change would work out better for you. You know, if you ever get a job and stop living out of moms basement, and wearing her cloths.

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