How Was WWE RAW Viewership for the Final Episode Before WrestleMania 32?

– Monday’s episode of WWE RAW, featuring the final hype for WrestleMania 32, drew 3.77 million viewers, according to This is up from last week’s 3.399 million viewers for a show with Dean Ambrose vs. Braun Strowman in the main event.

For this week’s show, the first hour drew 3.82 million viewers, the second hour drew 3.85 million viewers and the final hour drew 3.64 million viewers.

We will have more RAW ratings data later.

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  • cm crybaby

    Dang a good raw heading into mania.


    HA! HA! HA! If you thought that was a good RAW heading into WM, than I’d hate to see how excited you get, from a RAW that really is good. I bet the CM Punk Chants sends you into a rage don’t they? I just picture you screaming into a pillow, and punching it repeatedly. LOL!

    Sure the ratings went up, if they didn’t go up for the RAW before WM, than the WWE would be in panic mode right now, because it would be a disaster. But the RAW before WM last year was almost 4.2 million viewers, so that’s over half a million more viewers than this year, and look at that poor 3rd hour. Wow, not even the loyal WWE Fanboys can stomach 3 god awful hours anymore. But I guess it’s past most of their bed times! LOL!

  • Truth

    Told you….WWE commercials get MORE views than a WHOLE tna show….So who fanboys are tired of watching crap?????

    tna just sucks now and only losers continue to watch a bad show…..ASSCLOWN!

    tna isn’t even a pimple on wrestlings ass anymore…..just bad shows…..

    you, your mom and tna = SO SAD!!!!

  • the shooter

    If you look at the history of RAW’s rating before every WrestleMania it is always higher than the week before.

    Research the FACTS!

  • cm crybaby

    Lol ur dumb as fuck kid. I wasn’t Just talking ratings the show was solid from start to finish. And how u banging these ratings whe TNA only gets 300thousand. Not even half a million but u sure do brag on those shitty numbers. A episode of TNA can’t even beat a total divas episode u dumb fuck.

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