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Video: Sting on His WWE Future, Talks with Vince, The Streak, More

Posted by Marc Middleton in WWE News
Friday, July 25th, 2014

– In the video above, talks with before his appearance at the San Diego Comic Con on Thursday. Below are some highlights:

* He said his relationship with WWE is good and he’s had talks with . He believes it’s now or never with his age and it’s about time that something happens, if they can make it happen.

* He felt the buzz was huge and the reaction to his video was tremendous. He also talked about how his first WWE action figure is a big deal.

* Regarding the end of WCW, he said it was surreal and he thought about going to WWE over the years. He came close a few times after good conversations with . Sting said Vince always told him that someday they would do business. Sting brought up the idea of facing guys like , , Triple H and .

* He said he regrets that The ’s Streak is over because he wanted to get a shot.

* Regarding his future with WWE, he said it feels great to get his foot in the door. He said the action figure, the new t-shirts and the video game is a good start. Sting told fans it’s good to finally be here with WWE and promised it will be showtime if he ever gets to step foot in a WWE ring.

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